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Will you be more successful in 2021 than in previous years?

 Lets Find the Answer Using Astrological Progression.  One danger in using This Astrological Progression is, ironically, that it may work too well! Some people have found the forecast to be accurate and consequently they rely very strongly on the Astrological Progression prediction base of your Birth Data This Horoscope is Written by the star to Apply for individual forecast only (not for General trend) using my own Birth data as example of Case study in Astrological Progression. 

Planetary Period: The Moon subperiod The Sun

It is time to seek a better balance in your life. You have been through a few emotional challenges in the past few years. Now you are ready to shine. Hopefully you have overcome the obstacles, come to terms with past mistakes and are ready to move forward. Some schools of thought would say that this is a time when yin and yang are balanced in all areas of your life. As a result you feel as though you can accomplish many of your life goals. You can express yourself freely and honestly, finding a balance between being assertive and accommodating.

The Lucky Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony For each ZODIAC SIGN

Colors carry energy, and certain colors can bring out something in you that makes you truly shine. They can enhance confidence, calm restless energy, empower strength, and so much more.  Keep reading to see --->>  which color that promote love, romance and social harmony for each SIGN ARIES Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony –   green, jade green

The Secret Meaning of your DREAM about JESUS CHRIST

  Your Dream often announce what future hold to your for the next few day, So for Example you Dream About Lord JESUS, Here are the secret meaning  DREAM About, My three children and I are eating bread together Meanwhile, from a religious point of view, because the bread was also used as a  "symbol of Jesus"  in particular at the Last Supper, when the bread was broken by him, that's why the dream bread also represents "holiness." Read more...  Full story with Dream Case Study