What kind of SINGLE LOVER are you According to What is Written in your Star

 Alone but never lonely, let's talk single life through what is Written in your star.

So go forth and love yourself well and find levity in this list of single behaviors through the zodiac signs.



Aries are the thrill seeking sort and when they don’t have a partner to provoke they get their kicks from adrenaline heavy activities and risky behaviors like speeding through suburbs they don’t live in, swiping right on every single stranger in a 40 mile radius and chancing it with gas station sushi. This ilk require constant stimulation and will often incite just to see what will ensue, making them an excellent addition to a political debate and dicey at a dinner party.

PISCES + CANCER ( Man and woman ) Coupling

 These two could make an incredible difference in each other’s lives if they avoid the land mines. Pisceans, when healthy, won’t turn to drugs or alcohol; rather, they’ll embrace a spirituality that guides them in psychic ways. 

They’re caring and perceptive and present a brighter reflection of what’s going on around them than any other sign. 

SCORPIO + PISCES ( Man and woman ) Coupling

The higher side of Water is its ability to support without conditions. 

These two have an incredible ability to assist each other in whatever needs arise. When conscious, Pisceans are remarkable healers, with compassion that wells from deep within. Scorpios need to be reminded to be more understanding of themselves, and their Fish companions communicate this kind of love beautifully. 

Scorpions are fearless therapists and can act as the perfect guides for their Pisces mates when they lose their way. Water is a world of imagination and fantasies, and rarely have two signs been more able to meet their dreams with such conviction. Once they’ve set their course, these two will move like a raging river, and nothing can stop their path. Scorpios and Pisceans can create magic and bring extraordinary visions to life— all they have to do is desire them.


Scorpio Man / Pisces Woman

  • They'll experience sweeping highs and lows—everything is an issue. Living with him often means being displaced. He lands more lucrative positions with her on hand. Sex feels like sparring; the rumble is raucous.


Scorpio Man / Pisces Man

  • A peaceful and productive pairing, especially if Pisces is the older of the two. Over time, they cultivate an avant-garde aesthetic that appeals to outsiders. Sex might be rough—Scorpio plays at being "trade."


Scorpio Woman / Pisces Woman

  • It's kismet when these sensorial water signs connect. Destiny, it seems, has brought them together for a specific purpose: to heal, themselves and others. They're sexually in tune from the start.

Scorpio Woman / Pisces Man

  • It seems something's being kept hidden. At best, they're a confident, conscientious couple with big dreams they intend to realize. In bed, decorum is their default demeanor. Sex is subdued, but never standard.


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your zodiac sign might have some insight into whether or not you are an old soul.

1. You love your me-time.

Some zodiac signs tend to embrace a solitary, spiritual lifestyle a lot more than others. This makes them more likely to be an old soul than other zodiac signs.

2. You embrace play.

However, each one of the horoscope signs...

The secret and true nature personality of each zodiac sign

Is Aries really that aggressive and insensitive? Is Leo that brave? Is Capricorn so emotionally distant? I beg to disagree. These stereotypes are far from true and the more you learn and study astrology the more you will understand the lie! 

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SCORPIO: How to impress the opposite sex

In the battle of love, you are a four-star general, Scorpio, very much in command. 

You know how to deploy you dynamic personality in order to capture attention- if not love itself. Your need for intense involvement is great. But you passions often smolder underground for longtime before they are revealed. 

You have a gentle, deeply sensitive side, and that can be your most potent weapon in winning warm affection. Your psychic, mystic self is closely in tune with the feelings on others. Reveal more of this side of your nature to the one you have chosen to pursue. 

The Subconscious Powers of your Zodiac Sign

Let me guide you through a Subconscious powers that each one of us holds according to the zodiac signs:

The key is to realize them, polish and strengthen them


1. Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

How to put fear behind you, ♓ Pisces

Artistic, talented and truly humanitarian, you Pisces seem destined for real accomplishments in life. But when you fail to live up to your potential, you're apt to blame the cold, cruel world. The real reasons though, are often more subtle and psychological. 

Secretly, success may scare you because of  what it can entail. 

Highly sensitive, you might fear the criticism or lack of privacy you would be open to i f success put you in the public eye.

How to tell what Zodiac someone is...Here are some important tip

Guessing someone’s sign is actually pretty easy with some time and practice! With a mix of intuition development, astrological knowledge, and practice, you’ll be able to pick up this fun technique!

The tricky part about guessing someone’s sign is that we have complex charts, so it will never be an exact science. However, it’s something you can work on, and it will build your intuition as well. Think about how the 5 people closest to you embody the element of their sign and how obvious the characteristics of their sign are.

The Most Impressive TRAITS of Your Zodiac Sign

You might not feel like you exactly fit the stereotype for your #zodicsign, but it can be super interesting to use #astrology as a lens to think critically and positively about your personality — especially if you discover any impressive  you possess that you might have been overlooking.

Here are the most impressive things about you, According to What is Written in your Star 

Aries (March 21 - April 19): 

Your Fieriness & Your Sense Of Curiosity