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The houses and Planets which play an important role for Television / Film Industry Job

 Not everyone wants to be an engineer or a  doctor and today students are willing to try  something new for their career. They are looking for  a career that is not only lucrative but has a great  future. The entertainment industry is too big with a  lot of opportunities and is growing rapidly. The houses and Planets which play an  important role for this lucrative career are as under:  

The most successful Zodiac Sign

When it comes to business according to research showing that  air  sign s have mastered the art of becoming wealthy with the ever balanced and graceful Libra , find out more below The # Zodiac influences every aspect of life on earth and human destiny - including business success, according to Ask Astrology. Ever wonder which star sign is the most successful when it comes to business? Ask Astrology investigated a popular Forbes' list detailing the world's top 100 billionaires in 2020 to see if the Zodiac held any secrets behind the success of the world's wealthiest individuals. Now the results are in,... ---->>>

Your Zodiac Sign winning traits and point of improvement

For centuries, astrologers have been looking up at the night sky to track the movements of the stars and celestial bodies. It was a way for them to understand what was going on in their world. In today’s world, science and technology have advanced through leaps and bounds, but astrology remains—no longer as a technical tool, but sometimes as a hokey way of figuring life out. That said, people still subscribe to the stars because let’s face it, everyone needs all the help they can get in hashing things out. Scroll on to find out What's Your Zodiac Sign winning traits and point of improvement

The connection between money anxiety and Zodiac signs

  While money is often regarded as mathematical, scaring off folks who deal with math anxiety, the way we embrace astrology is like a warm hug—and that effect can be healing for those who deal with anxiety about money.   “Venus is the financial planet , so make sure to check what sign and house your Venus is in,”  “Your Venus sign can help you understand how to best make, spend or approach financial resources.  For instance,  VENUS IN 2ND HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

Your Ideal Job, According to your Astrological Progression

 Astrology buffs know that the stars can tell you a lot about who you are — especially if you delve deeper than your basic sun signs. There's your rising sign, your moon sign, your house signs, and more that can help you decipher your life's trajectory and your personality. Your midheaven sign, which is actually an angle on your chart located at the cusp of   your tenth house, can also tell you what your career looks like and how you find success.

Astrological Indications for business/ Job Success

There are various different combinations of  planets that suggest whether the person will be in  job or business. You need money also to start business. That is  indicated by 2nd house. If your 2nd house is not  strong you may not have the courage to take  initiative to start your own business. 2nd house is the  house of accumulated money, bank balance and  family business. To do any business we need .... ----->>>

Productivity hacks 2021 to consider for your ZODIAC sign

Each zodiac sign struggles with productivity in a different way, so having an arsenal of 2021 productivity hacks for your zodiac sign is key to tuning into your strengths and fulfilling your new year intentions. Here's how each Zodiac sign can ride the waves of cosmic energy like a pro:

The 3 Most Talented Zodiac Signs and What’s the secret to their success?

You know them: those people who are good at anything they try. You hate and admire them in equal parts, while wondering if there’s anything they can’t do.  What’s the secret to their success? It may have to do with astrology. And as much as we’d like to believe that there are some people who are amazing at every single thing they do, in reality, there are most likely a ton of things they really suck at. They just don’t share them.

Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals According to Astrology

 NOTE: This Interpretation is Written by the Star to apply for individual natal chart (not applicable for General use) and for sample reading only. if you are interested you can Contact me and Submit your Complete birth data no birth time needed.  2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             If You have Question or other Concern Such as Your Personalized Daily , Monthly or Yearly Personalized Horoscope base on your Birth data Feel Free to contact us.  ZODIACINFO01 @GMAIL.COM   : Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals

Astrological Indications for Teaching profession

 Teaching is one of the most respected  professions across the world and play a significant  role in any society as they build the foundation of the  country’s future. With the emergence of public and  private schools everywhere and the rise of private  institutes and universities, the need for teachers is  on an all time high. The houses and Planets playing significant  role in this sector are as under:  --->>  2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             #trend

Astrological Indicator for Computer professional

With the explosive growth in computers and  technology across all industries and the use of  increasingly advanced programming and hardware,  there is more demand than ever for skilled computer  professionals. The following houses and Planets are vital for  success in this field:  --->>> 2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             #trend

Astrological Indications for Doctor Profession

 # Doctors are one of the prestigious professions  in any country and are really important for any  community to keep its people healthy and play a  significant role in our lives, no matter our ages,  cultural backgrounds or medical needs.  Planets which play the most vital role in the  doctor horoscope are Sun, Jupiter and Moon. In case  of surgeon Mars also play a important role. Jupiter is the planet of... ----->> 2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             #horoscope 

Astrological Indicator for Sportsman Job

Sport which was traditionally considered as a  hobby is an exciting and healthy pastime for many,  but if the sport is really one’s passion, it can be a  very rewarding and satisfying career too. Nowadays  career in sport is one of the lucrative and challenging  career.  Sports is one of the adventurous career .... --->> 2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             #starsign  SHOP @AMAZON     Halloween sweets, treats,  and more have arrived on Amazon!

Which zodiac signs should not work remotely, (at least not forever)?

#Remotejobs require certain personality traits that thrive on social distancing. We know that some astrology signs have absolutely no probability of being remote workers. For example, Taurus is known for being very dependable, and they love to be at home. Capricorns are known for being disciplined and orderly. What signs might find this the most challenging? These 5 zodiac signs should not work remotely, per astrology. 2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             #zodiacseason  SHOP @AMAZON     Halloween sweets, treats,  and more have arrived on Amazon!

Astrological Indications for Hotel Business

In today’s era of globalization, hotel and  hospitality sector has seen an immense boom,  assuming greater significance and is fast developing  into a lucrative career provider.  To be associated with a career in hotels, a  native requires education as well as training and the  houses and planets relevant for this industry are  following:   2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign            #starsign  SHOP @AMAZON     Halloween sweets, treats,  and more have arrived on Amazon!

Astrological Indications for Bureaucrat or Civil service

 Bureaucracy or civil service constitute the  permanent and professional part of the executive  organ of the government and carry out day to day  administration of the state.  The Sun rules government and  administration, Moon rules people engagement,  Venus is the influencer for vehicle, Rahu rules foreign  relationships, Mars rule police and defence  department.  10th house rules profession, 8th house i.e.11th  from 10th house rules gains from government, 6th  house i.e. 9th from 10th house rules blessings from  the government.  The 3rd house rules competitiveness and  success in government exams. Since all top  positions are chosen through competitions the  strongly placed 3rd house or 3rd lord is very  important. Administrative Service    Well placed Sun and Moon in the 10th house .... ---->> 2020-2021          SEARCH MORE  your Sign     #horoscope   SHOP @AMAZON     Halloween sweets, treats,  and more have arrived on Amazon!

ARIES financial planet 2020

Aries people often excel as builders or estate agents. Money in and of itself is not as important as are other things –action, adventure, sport, etc. They are motivated by the need to support and be well-thought-of by their partners. Money as a way of attaining pleasure is another important motivation. Aries function best in their own businesses or as...     2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE       CHOOSE YOUR SIGN                                                                           

Astrological Indications for Engineering Profession

 Engineering as a career has attracted many  students in a big way and a large number of  aspirants taking the engineering exams are  testimony to this fact. The fructification of result to produce a  famous and successful engineer depends on  numerous astrological factors. The following houses  in the horoscope and planets are the driving force for  a native to embark on the field of engineering and  other related work.      2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE       CHOOSE YOUR SIGN                                                                           

The mistakes that every Zodiac Sign makes at their workplace which could hamper the career growth

Most of you work hard to climb the ladder of success but fail in the long run. Despite all the efforts, you feel that you are lagging behind and victory is nowhere close to you. But, at times, you yourself tend to make a mess of your professional life. And one of the reasons behind it could be your stars or your  zodiac  sign. As per daily career horoscope, there are few prominent mistakes that every Star sign makes at their workplace which could hamper the career growth....     2020 to 20201 MONTHLY  HOROSCOPE       CHOOSE YOUR SIGN                                                                           

Astrological Indications for Journalist Profession

There are many professions in the world and  an important profession that deals with the  distribution of information is that of a journalist.  They have the art of using attractive words, have  good writing skills and have the ability to mould their  words into pearls or burning coal, has the ability to  change a drop into ocean and has the ability to  cause a revolution. Writer is a person who knows and  understands all the aspects of life and plays an  important role in shaping and reforming a society.  He understands the people’s mind, their sorrows,  their happiness, excitement, passion, emotions,  feelings and because of his fertile imagination he can  be so convincing in his writing skills that his writing  can bring revolutionary changes in the society. They  have deep insight into the minds of people and they  not only talk about the problems prevalent in the  society but also have the effective solution to the  problem. Mercury is considered as a significator of -


NATAL READING: Can You tell me If there is something positive in my chart?


Hi Unicorn, Here are Some Important point of your Chart 

Scores: Aries 3; Taurus 0; Gemini 1; Cancer 1; Leo 3; Virgo 3; Libra 0; Scorpio 7; Sagittarius 1; Capricorn 0; Aquarius 4; Pisces 0 

SCORPIO STRONG Intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, power to confront. Can be destructive, vengeful, jealous, overly dramatic. 

AQUARIUS STRONG Humanitarian, innovative, group conscious, progressive, serving others. Can be rebellious, eccentric, aloof, emotionally superficial, overly extroverted. 


The Significant of Nocturnal type of chart in Natal chart Reading


Planetary Period: Saturn subperiod Venus

From: Jun 14 2022 to Jan 9 2024 Age 15.3yrs to 16.9yrs

Whether you are a teenager or in your mid 40s, the focus is currently on your relationships and finances. Read more..