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The 4 soulmate signs to look for in your Birth Chart

Looking for your #soulmate? A lot of people are familiar with their zodiac sign and birth chart, but not many are familiar with all the insight that information can give you.    Have you ever spent time wondering who your soulmate is? How do you find your soulmate this year? So, here are 4 soulmate signs to look for in your astrology chart. -  ADVERTISEMENTS  - 

This is Why You Should Date Your Opposite Zodiac Sign

Read on for starry insight on  Why You Should Date Your Opposite Sign..   ARIES  + LIB      |   TAU + SCORP GEM + SAG    |   CAN + CAP LEO + AQUA  |   VIR + PIS The 4 soulmate signs to look for in your Birth Chart    Looking for your #soulmate?  A lot of people are familiar with their zodiac sign and birth chart, but not many are familiar with all the insight that information can give you. Have you ever spent time wondering who your soulmate is?  Read more.. ARIES  + LIBRA This duo is all about striking that delicate balance between the self and others. Aries is the fiery, impulsive solo star (Mars-ruled and headstrong), whereas Libra (run by balance-seeking Venus) prefers to be part of a group and hates making decisions. Aries shakes things up, while Libra freaks out at the first sign of conflict. Best-case scenario?  Libra teaches Aries how to chill out and share the stage, while Aries schools Libra on the joys of the spotlight and voicing how they *really* feel sometimes .  However,

The 3 most Overly Cautious Zodiac Sign When It Comes To Love

Some # zodiac signs in # astrology are more vulnerable than others, and they may make it difficult for others to get close to them. While others are less sensitive and have more of an ability to brush something off, the overly cautious zodiac signs take more time than usual. Astrology can help you discover pretty much anything you can imagine, including  how to find     Your most luckiest Month 2022 including best day  — and the most romantic    You read right: 1 PISCES (February 19 - March 20) Pisces can be pessimistic, and if you're always looking on the dark side of things, you're not... going to be in any hurry to throw yourself into a new relationship. They are sensitive artist types, and sometimes they'd rather direct their energies to their work than expose themselves to emotional hurt and upheaval. Pisces will tell themselves the person is all wrong and they're not interested anyway, even if all Pisces is going on is their feelings and instincts. Your

How your Zodiac Signs Sacrifices In name of love

Your Personal Lucky Number Horoscope  👉   for today  If you've ever been able to successfully keep a # relationship going, you know very well that the key to making things work is all about compromise and, yes, compromise can mean, at times, sacrifice. And in astrology, how the zodiac signs make sacrifices in relationships all depends on their personality types. ARIES If Aries really loves and respects you, they will sacrifice their precious time for you, giving you all the attention you might ever need. They know you deserve more than fleeting attention, and they are completely present and willing to give you what you want. TAURUS The irony of Taurus is that their idea of sacrifice is to let you get away with bad behavior. They don't like what you do, and they don't respect your choice, but instead of beating you up over it, they let you slide. That's the Taurus "sacrifice." GEMINI Well, we know it won't have anything to do with money,

The Type Of Toxic relationship You Attract, Base on your Zodiac Sign

#Astrology plays a role in the aura we give off that attracts certain people.  If you keep finding yourself in similar toxic relationships time after time, go ahead and blame the stars and take the steps to move on and find the right relationship for you.

What you need to know about how to kiss someone according to your Zodiac Sign

♈    ♉    ♊    ♋    ♌    ♍    ♎    ♏    ♐    ♑     ♒    ♓  People # kiss as differently as they think. And here  what you need to know about how to kiss someone based on astrology . On your date, tactfully ask them their birthday and well, use the key!

How To Tell If He Wants You, base on Mars sign

We all know that our Sun signs can reveal a lot about our personalities. And our Moon signs can tell us how we feel and relate to others emotionally. But did you know that it is our Mars sign that reveals how we pursue our goals and even romantic partners ? So, you see, Mars astrology sign can reveal a lot about someone, especially when it comes to how they take action in almost all aspects of their lives. Most importantly, it reveals how someone pursues another in a romantic situation. Have you ever wondered why your Leo man is so passive sometimes? It might be because he has his Mars horoscope in Cancer, which makes the person take a more indirect approach. In this way, you will find that Mars adds a different layer to the basic astrology knowledge we all have. In short, it reveals much more in-depth information about people. And knowing about how a guy pursues his love interest can help you determine if he’s interested in you or not. It can also help you find out wheth

How and why your partner feels the way they do about family based on Zodiac

Family is important, but it might not be for everyone. When deciding to enter a serious, long-term relationship with someone, it is important to know what they value. Some people do this simply by having open and honest conversations about where each person stands on a variety of issues once they have already entered the relationship. But for others who wish to know a person’s values before deciding to settle down, they can turn to horoscope signs for an overall idea of who they will be dealing with. Zodiac signs give us insight into how a person we’re in a relationship with thinks and feels about certain matters. When it comes to family matters, zodiac signs tell us if a person loves the idea of family like a Cancer, or if family is the last thought on their mind, like a Leo. Knowing this information is important, because it can tell you if this is a person who wants the same things in life as you. Find out how and why your partner feels the way they do about family ba

The meaning of “I Love you” through the perspective of a particular Zodiac sign

Here’s a brief guide to the meaning of “I Love you” through the perspective of a particular # zodiac sign.

What is your zodiac sign like in Relationships?

What do you know best about how to be romantic? All of the astrological signs bring a little something special to the table when it comes to true love. So what is your zodiac sign like in relationships? Find out what the dominant personality traits of your zodiac sign reveals about the way you show your partner the very best of your loving self.  Aries (March 20th - April 19th) You’re a spontaneous, enthusiastic and passionate lover, and one of your strengths is your ability to encourage your partner to take a few walks on the wild side. From experimenting with your sex life to breaking out of lifestyle ruts, you bring a vibrancy and an enthusiasm to your relationship which benefits your partner in many ways. For relationship magic : Help your partner to stand on his or her own two feet.

How you Defines unconditional love, According to #Zodiac

The zodiac signs are able to predict how you defines unconditional love , but it doesn’t mean that his definition can’t change or isn’t slightly different. Here is the complete list of how each zodiac sign defines unconditional love  according to astrology.

When it comes to Astrology, what you need in a potential soulmate?

So, when it comes to the world of # astrology , what does each zodiac sign need in a potential # soulmate? Focusing on the general aspects of what a soulmate, here is what each sign needs in a soulmate and when they will meet them. Or, maybe they already have   ARIES (March 21 - April 19) Aries, you will meet your soulmate sooner than you think. In fact, 

Is dating your same zodiac sign a good idea?

"Dating your own sign can seem daunting," "It's like dating the best and worst of yourself, and that's no easy task. For example, Aquarians at their highest level tend to be intellectual, analytical, and humanitarian creatures. But on the other hand, they can be quite emotionally detached and very unwavering in their opinion (being a fixed air sign). So, two Aquarians together may drive each other quite mad." When it comes to the pros, For Example Zodiac signs like Gemini, Leo, and Aries can do really well dating their own sign. Gemini is a mutable sign, so they're very flexible and dynamic. Two Geminis will never get bored with each other, which is a huge deal for the twins. Since they're a Mercury-ruled sign who values communication, they'll be able to talk through any potential bumps in the road as Gemini excels at talking things through. Two Leos will feel safe in each other's presence and will be able to share in each other's succe

If you Looking for the best kissers out there? find this Zodiac Sign

In astrology, there are a few zodiac signs who have more skills than the others. We're talking, of course, about the zodiac signs who are the best kissers. They know how to stand out from the rest, but how can you tell who they are?

How each zodiac sign dates, this cuffing season 2021

I compiled a handy guide of each sign's romance style so you’ll know right away if the one you have your eyes on is into you or not. and also find the best day for romance activity according Astrosignature Love is in the air. Can you feel it?!

How To Find Your Soulmate Using Your Intuition

When you first meet another guy (or girl), you can chat and reason with them all you want, but you don’t truly know them. All you can do is trust your intuition, feel the vibe that you may have with that person, and proceed from there.  Only the heart knows what is really great for you, but the problem these days is that the mind is getting in the way. The mind’s argument can be that you can’t always trust the heart, that’s why you need to listen to your intuition. If you’re confused about what to do, here are some key tips which anyone can use to find “the one” with the power of your intuition. ---->> 2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             If You have Question or other Concern Such as Your Personalized Daily , Monthly or Yearly Personalized Horoscope base on your Birth data Feel Free to contact us.  ZODIACINFO01 @GMAIL.COM  

The Love Lesson You Need To Unlearn according to your Zodiac Sign

your future may hold all sorts of things nothing and no one could have ever predicted. Yet, from embracing imperfection to letting someone take care of you for a change,   the lessons --->> of unlearning are short but sage, and really hit home. ARIES  (MARCH 21–APRIL 19) ALTHOUGH IT'S TIED TO ENTHUSIASM, ARIES NEEDS TO UNLEARN IMPATIENCE, AS IT CAN SNUFF OUT EVEN THE MOST ENTHUSIASTIC AROUND YOU. TAURUS  (APRIL 20–MAY 20) THE DIFFERENT FACETS OF STUBBORNNESS YOU EXHIBIT. LOYALTY AND DETERMINATION ARE ADORABLE, BUT THE LOVE LESSON TO TO UNLEARN INVOLVES NO LONGER HOLDING A GRUDGE. Unlock your future,  2021 MONTHLY ASTROLOGICAL REVIEW CHOOSE YOUR ZODIAC SIGN ARIES         -   TAURUS    -   GEMINI   CANCER    -       LEO        -    VIRGO   LIBRA        -   SCORPIO   -    SAG   CAP            -      AQUA      -   PISCES GEMINI  (MAY 21–JUNE 20) WHILE IT'S FLATTERING FOR WHATEVER NEWS YOU SPREAD LIKE A FIRE, YOU HAVE TO UNLEARN TO LISTEN TO AND SPREAD GOSSIP. C

What you need to know when we meet someone with the same zodiac sign as us?

What happens when we meet someone and marry a person with the same zodiac sign as us? On the other hand, you may become swoon by this person because they are exactly the same person you are! And I don't mean they do everything you do, but they might enjoy the same hobbies, movies, ideals about life, etc. Here's a summary of What you need to know about the same sign zodiac compatibility when you marry someone who has the same Zodiac sign What Aries Needs to Know about Aries Aries, your greatest weakness (and sometimes strength) is your .. Read more ... What Taurus Needs to Know about Taurus CONTINUE READING ----->>> What GEMINI Needs to Know about GEMINI CONTINUE READING ----->>> What CANCER Needs to Know about CANCER CONTINUE READING ----->>> What LEO Needs to Know about LEO CONTINUE READING ----->>> What VIRGO Needs to Know about VIRGO CONTINUE READING ----->>> What LIBRA Needs to Kno

The Secret to keep him interested to you

A useful way to navigate how to keep him interested is to consult astrology. Of course, you need to keep the love compatibility between your # zodiac signs in mind, but the best way you can keep him wanting more is to be you—and your horoscope sign plays into that. ARIES By now he knows your fiery attitude. That in itself can be a magnet— he won’t know what to expect. Your impulsive nature can lead to exciting adventures between the two of you. At the same time, this can be a double-edged sword. One way to keep him coming back is to tone it down, just a little bit. He knows you’re honest. Usually in a blunt manner. Instead, try softer honesty. This does not necessarily mean you should leave yourself vulnerable. Use your instincts in getting what you want— but if you want him to come back for the long-term, rein it in a little bit. TAURUS Stability could be Taurus’s middle name. In that regard, it’s easy for him to keep coming back to you because you’re so dependable. Any

Our biggest deal breaker in a relationship According to Zodiac Sign

We all have one thing we consider our biggest deal breaker in a relationship . And in many ways, that can be a good thing. What we view as a "last straw" has a lot to do with our boundaries and values. But when you take astrology into account, it can also have a lot to do with our quirks and inherent personality traits — and the things that rub us the wrong way as a result. 1 Aries : Boredom If an Aries is on the fence about their relationship, boredom may very well be the thing that pushes them over the edge.


NATAL READING: Can You tell me If there is something positive in my chart?


Hi Unicorn, Here are Some Important point of your Chart 

Scores: Aries 3; Taurus 0; Gemini 1; Cancer 1; Leo 3; Virgo 3; Libra 0; Scorpio 7; Sagittarius 1; Capricorn 0; Aquarius 4; Pisces 0 

SCORPIO STRONG Intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, power to confront. Can be destructive, vengeful, jealous, overly dramatic. 

AQUARIUS STRONG Humanitarian, innovative, group conscious, progressive, serving others. Can be rebellious, eccentric, aloof, emotionally superficial, overly extroverted. 


The Significant of Nocturnal type of chart in Natal chart Reading


Planetary Period: Saturn subperiod Venus

From: Jun 14 2022 to Jan 9 2024 Age 15.3yrs to 16.9yrs

Whether you are a teenager or in your mid 40s, the focus is currently on your relationships and finances. Read more..