How to get noticed and get them to pay attention to you, According to Zodiac

For some zodiac signs, it's pretty easy to tell what they want. Gemini wants someone who keeps life exciting, Aquarius wants someone who can be a best friend and a lover, and Pisces wants someone who gets him.
If someone wants you to notice them, what method would work best for your zodiac sign?

Are you the kind of zodiac sign that prefers someone to be straightforward with you and tell you like it is, or do you like when someone tries to get to know you first before making moves on you?

Here's how to get noticed by each zodiac sign and get them to pay attention,
according to astrology. -->>

  • ARIES - If you want Aries to notice you, you need to show him that you have an unforgettable personality. You don't have to be as showy or assertive as him, but you want him to remember you. Approach him with an invitation to try a new restaurant or join him on his next adventure!
  • TAURUS - If you want him to notice you, indulge him in the things he loves the most. He responds best to people who get where he's coming from, not those who try to change him.
  • GEMINI - If you want him to notice you, you can't be a wallflower – get out there and show him you can be the life of the party, too! Getting Gemini to notice you isn't JUST about being the center of attention, though (he can do that all on his own).
  • CANCER - so if you want him to notice you, you have to be serious about him. He has probably noticed you already, but he's up for letting you make your presence known before he introduces himself.
  • LEO -If you want Leo to notice you, you need to show him that you can be passionate about a lot of things in life. Relationships,
  • VIRGO -There's a good chance that he's already noticed you, and more importantly that he knows you've been noticing him, too. Attracting Virgo means being someone he can talk to effortlessly.
  • LIBRA -The best way to get Libra to notice you is to show him that you're serious about taking the next step in your potential relationship. If you show him that you're just using him to fill your time, he won't be interested.
  • SCORPIO -Getting him to notice you isn't about changing him, though. Rather than liking him in spite of his mysterious side, indulge it. Let him show you how he gets to know new people, and you'll see the most genuine side of him possible.
  • SAGITTARIUS - If you want him to notice you, you need to show him that you're first and foremost not a close-minded person. Approach him with a sense of adventure and curiosity in your blood; he loves people who are thrill-seekers like himself.
  • CAPRICORN - If you want him to notice you, you have to show him that you have made serious investments in life. If he thinks you're not serious about anything – your career, relationships, hobbies – he'll think you're not serious about him.
  • AQUARIUS - If you want Aquarius to get to know you, you have to give him space to express himself. He doesn't want to feel suffocated by anyone, but he wants to know that the company he keeps is going to stick around. Show him you can be a good friend and that you can give him space.
  • PISCES - He also wants someone he can relate to. It can be hard for Pisces to believe that someone new knows what he's going through, but if you show him your true self – the self that really does want to see that soft and loving side of him – he'll appreciate having you in his life.

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ARIES        -  TAURUS   -  GEMINI


CANCER   -      LEO       -   VIRGO


LIBRA       -  SCORPIO  -   SAG


CAP           -     AQUA     -  PISCES

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