Cancer Zodiac: Strategies to Reduce Emotional Dependence

Emotional Dependence infographic

Cancer is deeply nurturing and protective of those they love, but the shadow of this is emotional dependence that is really caused by fear. These exercises will help you work through this tendency.

1.A simple exercise that can help you be less emotionally dependent and grow your self-worth is the “I am” exercise. Set a timer for one minute. In that minute, write as many “I am” statements as possible. When the timer goes off, review your list and cross out any “role” statements, such as “I am a mom,” leaving only descriptive statements, such as “I am kind.” You may find this challenging at first, so I suggest repeating the practice periodically to improve your self-esteem and self-awareness. (If you find yourself writing negative statements, such as “I am lazy,” turn that into a positive—for example, “I am laid back.” If this is difficult, explore the origins of any negative beliefs to realize they are undeserved self-judgments.)

2.Spend time alone to truly get to know yourself. Take yourself on a date once a week for coffee or tea, go for a walk in the park, or visit a gallery. Get to know yourself by taking note of what interests you on your walk, how the beverage tastes, what paintings or artwork draw your attention, and so on. Have a good time paying attention to you!

3.Find an exercise you love to do and do it every day for 30 minutes. Exercise releases endorphins, “feel-good” chemicals, so you just feel better inside. As a result, your self-esteem grows. And while you are starting your exercise routine, make it a habit to eat healthy food. Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand.
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The personality and behavior of Cancer, or any Sun sign, is affected by all the other placements and aspects in the natal chart. This is why it is important to gradually blend the meanings of the planets, signs, houses, aspects, and transits to create an overall picture of the potential in your personal blueprint. If Cancer is your Sun sign, you may have things in common with other Cancer Sun signs, but you are uniquely you.

For example, a Cancer Sun with Pisces Ascendant will be intuitive and creative compared with a Cancer Sun with Aquarius Ascendant who will appear to be emotionally detached and hide their true emotions. Another example is a person with a Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon, who would be a real homebody and needs their comforts and possessions, compared with a person with a Cancer Sun and Aries Moon, who would be more likely to take risks than most others with a Cancer Sun sign.

Here are a few things to consider to help you to make the most of your Cancer energy in different areas of life. Always consider that your soul chose the Cancer energy so that you could be more of a healer and nurturer in that area of life. You can choose to maximize the positive energies of Cancer.


One issue that causes the most problems for Cancer is their tendency to retreat into their shell when they feel insecure. Ironically, sharing their feelings with others helps to actually build the connection that will bring that security. Developing the ability to tell your loved ones what you are feeling will bring the reward of a truly intimate relationship.


If we look opposite Cancer we see Capricorn, the sign of authority and a more stoic approach to life, so it is good for Cancer to work on developing a calmer, more grounded approach in their relationships. This isn’t to suggest that you should become completely like Capricorn—only that you should infuse some of these qualities in your dealings with others to have more successful relationships.


Cancer tends to limit themselves when trying to achieve their goals because they start clinging to what they have already achieved for fear of losing it. The true goal of Cancer, however, is to find inner security and know that outer trappings never bring true security. Integrating this understanding will help you reach your practical goals and aspire to new ones.


For a full analysis of what type of career you would be suited to, take into account the cusp of the tenth house (the Midheaven), the ruler of that sign, and any planets in the tenth house. For example, a person with a Cancer Sun may have Leo on the cusp of the tenth house, and their Sun (ruler of Leo) in the first house. This person might be drawn to more playful modes of healing, or working with children in a healing capacity.


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