The pattern of longevity - Which zodiac signs live the longest and least

Astrologers claim that the arrangement of stars 

On the day of birth of the individual determines the pattern of longevity.

According to them, the starry firmament must take into account not only the date of birth, but in the future lays in the human gene, the number of age, making the code of its longevity, and for each person and a sign of the zodiac it is the individual.

Representatives of the zodiac sign will live the most!? This writes the online “Today”.



The result of this sign regarding the longevity is amazing. Aries tend to survive in all circumstances and to overcome all the difficulties of fate. Both genders can be sure the number of years lived – it is reserved from the boundary 82. 

At the turn of the 80th anniversary they are fully aware of its purpose and proud of its own past only when they have lived for the quiet conditions.


The representatives of this zodiac sign – these Pets of fortune, and their way of life does not end after 80 years. They can in a rational and measured rhythm of life to be happy and after 85 years. However this figure is the number of earth years will be true if the mark begins to stick to a special diet, count calories and not to get upset over nothing.


The representatives of this zodiac sign it shows a good performance by the number5 years. This suggests that the female gender looks at life with optimism and believes in the best side of him. The main thing for them to have a comfortable living environment in old age. 
As for men, they also are destined to live to 80 years. But in General, to preserve the strength and vigor of the spirit, the twins should spend a lot of time on the air and practice breathing exercises.


The sign has quite a tiny chance to live a long time. So, male cancers are destined to live longer than 65 years, women can expect an additional 3 years.

The main reason for this low rate – frequent stress and anxiety for different reasons. Therefore, experts recommend cancers in youth to review diet, and then they will have a chance to extend the age of your life. Also the best incentive for improvement and ensure yourself a good mood can be Hiking.


This mark is the owner of the average level of past years. Strap life criterion here rarely comes to 71 years, and the reason is heart failure. If a lion wants to live long, then he should not take on its shoulders the whole burden, worry and be panic.


Representatives of this sign have a good chance to overcome life bar in more than 85 years, and the whole secret lies in their friendship. Also for dev a healthy lifestyle – not an empty phrase, but a real motto of life. At the same time, their discipline gives you the opportunity to take a sober look at life, and in the same glance to assess the situation around him. However, frequent fluctuations in mood and health can disrupt the pattern of their life durability.


The imbalance between harmony and balance almost always tips the representatives of this sign to experience. To live a full life and to enjoy its pleasant moments, the scales should focus on the health and constantly to avoid unpleasant situations. For both sexes here mark life standard more than 85 years.

8 years. This suggests that different disease they are slow to heal, so the number of years they have is the lowest among the other characters . But if the representative of the sign value their health and paying enough attention to him, then living abroad can in some cases for all articles to exceed the specified figure.


The life expectancy of this sign is actually no different from its previous neighbor. Thus, for both sexes, age can sometimes exceed a little more than 69 years. All this is a consequence of the established way of life archers. And if that character wants to be one of the old-timers, from an early age need to review your daily routine and learn to manage their own business, because harmony with yourself is the main criterion of the number of earth years.


True leaders according to the number of years lived. It is important for them to come up with the right attitude that will not admit to himself of a chronic illness. Both sexes can quite happily live to be 86 years old. As a result of their longevity lies in the careful attention to ourselves.


One of the problems for this sign are chronic colds. Therefore, Aquarius should be careful to honor your health, then they can live more than 72 years. More in terms of health representatives of this sign is actually not to complain, so they may age in full health and memory.
Pisces Charm 


These sensitive nature differ only in the average level of life expectancy. In particular, for men age earthly sojourn rarely reaches 70 years old at the time, women can argue with fate to 74 years. But not so sad, astrologers have repeatedly convinced of the vitality of this sign.


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A lie, my uncle WAS an Aries born 1974; I'm a Scorpio born in 75; 😒

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