How can LIBRA and Scorpio tap into each other’s creative energy?

 Tapping In The nature of Libra relationship with Scorpio will determine how this creative exchange might work. 

The approach of a Scorpio parent would differ from that of a friend, lover, spouse or boss. 

Libra and Scorpio Tapping into Each Other’s Creativity 

One of the best examples of this creative exchange is the story included in the Next post on Scorpio kids with Libra mom 

Carol Bowman and her Scorpio son Chase. Re-read that story. It illustrates how a Libra mother who desperately needed to resolve the terrifying aversion her son had developed to fireworks took a totally unconventional approach to find answers. Even though Chase was barely five years old, he seemed to grasp the profound significance of what was happening to him. So when the hypnotist asked Chase to sit in his mother’s lap, shut his eyes and talk about what he was seeing, he instinctively knew what to do. And suddenly, he was there, on a Civil War battlefield, describing what he saw and felt and heard. 

Their creative exchange and everything that followed was so profound that it changed the course of Carol’s life and freed Chase from what might have become a crippling fear that he could have carried into adulthood. 

This kind of Libra/Scorpio dynamic is what creativity is really about. We dive head first into the primordial soup of signs and symbols and not only alter the course of our own lives, but help to usher in a new paradigm, a new way of thinking about and perceiving the nature of reality.

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