If You're Dating A Water Sign, Keep These 15 Important Things In Mind

#WaterSigns are best known for their tendency to turn on the waterworks. They're also grudge holders, so if you betray them, you're going to have to wait awhile before it's all water under the bridge. And they definitely don't take criticism like water off a duck's back, so if you hurt their feelings, prepare to be in hot water.

 But           have plenty of wonderful qualities as well (if I do say so myself). If you think you're ready to test the waters and woo a water sign,

 They're Hopeless Romantics

If you're trying to win over the heart of a water sign, you'll need to bring your A-game. These signs are wildly passionate, so come prepared with flowers, chocolates, and maybe even a boombox you can hold above your head outside their window.

They're Incredibly Intuitive

Not to freak you out, but water signs can see into the depth of your soul. Because they feel everything deeply, they're sensitive to even the quietest of emotional shifts. They will probably know and understand why you're mad, sad, or glad before you even realize it yourself.

Here's everything you need to understand before taking the plunge . 



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