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What do your favourite gemstones mean? We decode the secret meanings.

Crystals can help serve as spiritual power tools to teach us how to bring the mind to a greater sense of peace, the body into a more stable, grounded state, and the spirit into connection with the infinite from which springs all creation. Gemstones can remind us of a higher truth and keep us centered in that light 

When we become aware of the qualities of beauty, frequency, and color and their possible uses, stone medicine may help us explore What our current needs are and haw we may transform certain situations by using a stone as a meditative focus and an inspirational power source. Gems and minerals have patterns and pictures on their surface that can transport us to another world, igniting our imagination. They are very tactile and soothing to touch and hold. 

The idea of healing with crystals was first popularized in the 1930 when the famous American trance psychic Edgar Cayce claimed that his visions revealed that in the time of Atlantis crystals were used as a source of energy. He even described a crystal capstone on a centrally located pyramid that could power airships. He also mentioned specific stones when prescribing healing protocols for the people he read for. 

According to crystal researcher Marcel Vogel, a senior scientist 
with IBM for twenty- seven years, 'The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance... . late a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will. With proper training,  a healer using a crystal can release negative thought forms which have taken shape as disease patterns.° 

A gemstone or even just a stone becomes a meditative amplifier that can help to transform situations. Stones can keep us centered and reminded of a higher truth. By looking to the mineral kingdom for assistance in the healing preens, we are connecting to tools that enable us to look deeper within in order to obtain an understanding of the cause of the distress that is creating disease. Distress can be caused by negative beliefs, by environmental factors, or by interactions with other people, which can sometimes create havoc in our energy field. When we consume alcohol or drags, we can also affect our energy fields and cause a disruption in our vibrations. 

Always remember that crystal healing should be used in conjunction with—and not as a substitute for—conventional medicine. There are many factors that contribute to well- being. Illnesses need to be tended to by a trusted physician. However, stress and distress can also have a profound effect on heath. All thoughts and actions have consequences, creating harmony or disharmony. Disharmony can cause illness. Working with ritual and with healing rods and crystals can help you to create harmony, handle your stress, and feel better. 

Your healing stones offer a beautiful stability and can help you focus on your strengths so that you can use them to compensate for your weaknesses. When we use crystals or stones as healing tools, they have the ability to re-balance a disruptive vibration so that we can be aware of the reason behind the distress.

Below we describe the nature and special healing message of crystals for each sign of the zodiac. We have gathered the information for these astrological associations through working with them for many years, and we suggest the perfect power stone for each sign. 


The garnet takes its name from the resemblance of its deep red color to that of the pomegranate. It can help bring success in things you passionately believe in and, if appropriate; can flame the sparks of sexual energy. It may also be useful when wisdom and balance are needed in this most important exchange of energies. If this is so, look within to see if true love, tenderness, and genuine respect and caring are part of your romantic passion.

Garnet can help bring balance and self- awareness and destroy flightiness, leaving in its place love, romance, and sometimes lustiness, for those who need it.

Because of its rich color and association with the root chakra, the garnet suggests a powerful influence for sensuality and sexuality. It may help put you in touch with your animal instincts, enabling you to act and react with pure body wisdom. Therapists who recognize the power of gemstones use the garnet in corm...Aug couples whose sexual chemistry has began to wane.

 For meditation and ritual purpose; the garnet is used primarily as a power stone to enhance self- confidence and to help manifest personal and career goals. Garnet has properties useful for giving inspiration during times of confusion. The red garnet is a stone of profound love and helps to ensure fidelity in relationships. It is a stone of patience and persistence and is also emblematic of spiritual awareness and compassion.

Garnet is highly versatile—it encourages the wearer to search for answers—and the answers that come as a rank of this search will be helpful and important ones. Worn on a regular basis the stone is believed to boost energy and stimulate romantic love. 
Garnet's message: Because it has a bold energy; the garnet makes a perfect amulet for someone whose confidence or self- esteem needs bolstering. Because of its warm vibrations, it makes a good meditation stone for security and intimacy. 

Other good gemstones for Aries are bloodstone, red jasper, and pyrite. 


Rose quartz is the stone that can help heal the heart, because it works on an emotional level. It can help you to become more aware of the love that is all around you and can assist you in getting in touch with your emotions. Rose quartz teaches us to love ourselves more; thus opening us up to a greater universal love. When we don't love ourselves fully, we are wounded inside, and a wound will always ay out to be healed.

Rose quartz heals emotional wounds by giving compassion and comfort. It can be used to help overcome grief. Rose quartz's properties include inner peace, tranquility, and all matters dealing with giving and receiving affection.

Unlike the hard- edged, pointed crystals of clear quartz, the lovely rose quartz is found in great veins running through Mother Earth her life's blood. Use it when compassion and generosity need to be shown or when healing and forgiveness are needed. Rose quartz may help those who have suffered through trauma and the pain of an unhappy childhood. If this is true for you, start by forgiving yourself and others. Be gentle with yourself and others; we have all suffered wounds. From forgiveness can come a path to true healing.

You can also sleep with rose quartz next to you on a bedside table. The pain of a difficult past problem may come up in dreams, but you can better handle it if you affirm before you go to sleep that you are ready to forgive yourself and others and to release all pain from past events. 
Rose quartz's message: Self- fulfillment and inner peace require you to love and nurture yourself and those you care about. Work on how to give kw as well as how to receive it Remember to forgive.

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