What It Means To Have The 'Finger Of God' In Your Zodiac Sign Astrology Chart

If you have a Yod, you are on a spiritual mission. If you're a couple, your relationship has a purpose to bring about the best in you and the other person.
Here are 10 things to know about a Yod in astrology, and what it means if you have one in a natal, synastry, or composite chart.

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1. What is a Yod?
A Yod is a very rare astrological phenomenon. A Yod is also known as the 'Finger of Fate,' the 'Finger of God,' or a Projection Triangle.'
projection triangle

2. How does a Yod form in a natal, composite or synastry chart?
This happens when three planets form a long triangle on your natal chart.

3. Is it good to have a Yod?
In astrology, a Yod indicates a person or event that has strong, powerful, and mystical forces.

4. What are the negatives to a Yod?
But, a Yod can also indicate stress, anxiety, uneasiness, and restlessness, along with a feeling of being lost, depressed, complete despair, stuck, and hopelessness.
You may even feel uneasy, very stressed and restless, with the possibility of becoming irrational about your obsessions.
It also indicates that you can work through difficult situations with care and negotiation.

5. What does a Yod have to do with God?
Some background information about the Yod is that it is the tenth Hebrew letter. Yod also spelled with an 'h' as Yodh means the same thing as yud, yod, jod, or jodh.
The word means 'hand' and that's why it's called the 'hand of God' or 'hand of fate'. Yods hold a mystical significance in regards to the name of God, our humility, and God's omnipresence.

6. Does having a Yod make you special?
Also, a Yod brings with it great potential, increased awareness of yourself and of your surroundings, and the Yod opens the doors for possible spiritual evolution.
When a Yod appears, it means that something that has been hidden from you or that you are keeping hidden from someone else will come to light.

7. Why has my life been difficult if I was born with a Yod in my chart?
There is a phenomenon that happens called the Boomerang or a Focused Yod, which is when there is a planet opposite the apex of the triangle.
Because of this interruption of the triangle, it means that you may have had difficulties or problems, but these difficult situations are going to turn around.

8. What does it mean if you have a Yod on your natal Transit chart?

9. How does a Yod affect my life in general?
A Yod can mean for you that you feel compelled to achieve certain things in life because you are trying to overcome your feelings of clumsiness, confliction, and inadequacy.
Even when you reflect on your childhood, you may have felt misunderstood and uneasy, which made you keep your feelings to yourself most of the time.
You may feel like your life is super intense and that the clock is ticking.
It may even feel like you have to do as much as you can while you are here on earth because you might feel that you only have a short time to meet your destiny.
Also, you are more likely to work selflessly to benefit others around you..

10. What famous persons or couples have had a Yod in their natal charts?
Some famous people who have Yods in their natal chart include Princess Diana, Karl Marx, Pablo Picasso, and Martha Steward.
A well-known couple who have a Yod in their combined chart is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which makes them a super couple whose relationship was fated and meant to happen.

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