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what your zodiac sign says about what you should wear this Halloween.


Are you debating which costume will be perfect for you this Halloween? There are almost too many options and too little time when it comes to choosing a costume that’s right for you. Not only is it stressful to find a costume that looks great, but it must complement your personality, resembling what’s on the inside too.
Horoscopes can tell a great deal about a person's identity. Whether you believe in it or not, we’ve got the answer to the question that has been wandering the inside of your brain like a ghost in a graveyard – here is what your zodiac sign says you should wear this Halloween.
You are an athletic sign who is very competitive and energetic, and would be perfect in an ‘80s aerobics costume. Being self-absorbed and enjoying looking at themselves in the mirror is one key aspect of the Aries’ personality. Putting on the look-alike Jane Fonda purple leotard with some cozy leg-warmers would be right up your alley on Halloween night.
You bring out the romance in any situation, so put on that yellow ball gown and make your entrance as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” According to astrology experts, Taurus also refers to the throat associating it with singing, making the uncanny resemblances only push toward being the elegant Disney princess.
Your fun-loving, all-in personality can channel an energetic, enthusiastic side by dressing as a flapper from the ‘20s. This costume doesn’t hide the loud and outgoing characteristics of a Gemini, but rather brings it to the forefront, allowing you to have fun with your outfit. With this costume, you’ll take your rightful place as the center of attention, so, get your best dance moves ready and flaunt your energetic freedom.
Your love for art allows your imagination to run wild. A perfect costume to match your creativity would be an easy-going hippie. Cancers are ruled by the moon, meaning they are nurturing and caring. Embodying a flower-child emphasizes your virtue of love and peace. With this easy-to-make costume, you can highlight these harmonious characteristics of your personality.  
You are strong, brave and confident like a lion, so your enthusiasm to get involved with any activity makes you stand out, like a queen or king. Leos like bold costumes that get the attention of others and being the centerpiece of the room. Grab your crown, that red velvet robe and take your throne as a queen or king on Halloween night.
You are one of the strongest stick-to-it, straightforward and innocent signs of the zodiacs, so going as Hermione from “Harry Potter,” would be a perfect costume for Halloween. Virgos are natural hard-workers who gravitate toward organization and practicality, which is why this costume is a match made in heaven.
You tend to always have a busy schedule but stray away from alone time, so band together with your best girlfriends and summon your girl power as the Spice Girls. The group is all about female empowerment and fierce, out-of-the-box fashion statements. Each Spice represented a different role in the group, deciding their names based on what they looked like and how they acted. Their fashion represented diverse women who were able to come together and form an unbreakable bond. The Spice Girls said it best in their iconic hit “Wannabe” — “Friendship never ends.” So have fun this Halloween and make a girls night out of it.
You like the dark and spookier side of Halloween, so why not go as a classic witch? They like to play in the shadows, meaning they like to experience the bad side of things. Scorpios are determined and think carefully to solve problems, much like the intense concentration it takes to cast a spell or create a potion.
You are a risk-taker, outspoken and enthusiastic at times, which is why Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie in the movie “Suicide Squad,” aligns with your sign for this Halloween. You crave adventure, fun and are completely fearless, which is why this comic book character is the match for you.
You have an independent and mature personality, but you are also all about ease and feasibility, so a fitting costume would be Supergirl or Superman. This sign tends to be business-driven and very successful, so the perfect choice for confident Capricorns would be Kara Danvers/Supergirl from the DC comics.
You are someone who is loyal to their friend group and likes to have a good time, so why not get your squad together and go for a group look this Halloween. The hit Netflix series, “Stranger Things” has gone viral and with three whole seasons of costumes, there are a variety of ways to get your gang together and reference this ‘80s squad. Get those leg warmers on, put scrunchies in your hair and get your Eggos toasted, because this is the perfect costume for you.
You have a mysterious aspect about you, so transform into an alien this Halloween. With endless memes created around the Area 51 raid that was set to happen on Sept. 20, it might be a popular option this year. There’s no doubt that this costume would be out of this world.



NATAL READING: Can You tell me If there is something positive in my chart?


Hi Unicorn, Here are Some Important point of your Chart 

Scores: Aries 3; Taurus 0; Gemini 1; Cancer 1; Leo 3; Virgo 3; Libra 0; Scorpio 7; Sagittarius 1; Capricorn 0; Aquarius 4; Pisces 0 

SCORPIO STRONG Intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, power to confront. Can be destructive, vengeful, jealous, overly dramatic. 

AQUARIUS STRONG Humanitarian, innovative, group conscious, progressive, serving others. Can be rebellious, eccentric, aloof, emotionally superficial, overly extroverted. 


The Significant of Nocturnal type of chart in Natal chart Reading


Planetary Period: Saturn subperiod Venus

From: Jun 14 2022 to Jan 9 2024 Age 15.3yrs to 16.9yrs

Whether you are a teenager or in your mid 40s, the focus is currently on your relationships and finances. Read more..

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