How to tell what Zodiac someone is...Here are some important tip

Guessing someone’s sign is actually pretty easy with some time and practice! With a mix of intuition development, astrological knowledge, and practice, you’ll be able to pick up this fun technique!

The tricky part about guessing someone’s sign is that we have complex charts, so it will never be an exact science. However, it’s something you can work on, and it will build your intuition as well. Think about how the 5 people closest to you embody the element of their sign and how obvious the characteristics of their sign are.

Just talking to people about their signs on a regular basis will help you familiarize yourself with how the signs are displayed in personalities.

Here are some more tips to get you started…

Spot Their Element

First, you can intuitively start to pick up on the person’s dominant element to narrow down your search.

  • An Air sign will show intellectual, talkative, curious, scatterbrained, or analytical tendencies.
  • A Water sign will display traits like sensitivity, indecision, and intuitivity.
  • The Fire signs will usually be passionate, creative, enthusiastic, or temperamental.
  • The Earth signs are practical, think long-term, and appear grounded.

Use your intuition in this. Notice how fast or slow the person moves and see which element comes to mind immediately. Intuition is all about relaxing and letting information come to you, not about figuring it out by over-analyzing and over-thinking.

Use Intuition To Feel What Stands Out

Using your intuition means you don’t think. You just relax your body and see what pops into your mind. You’ll probably find that your first impression is the most accurate because you often second guess yourself when you don’t fully trust your intuition.

Aquarius - They are humanitarian and always thinking of the big picture. Revolutionaries.

Pisces - Creative and intuitive without much ability to commit or stick to a plan.

Aries - Focused on their career and ambitious. Known to be blunt.

Taurus - Very practical and persistent. Often focused on the five senses.

Gemini - Talkative and playful. Has trouble doing the same thing every day.

Cancer - Nurturing, focussed on the home and family. Can be very sensitive.

Leo - The life of the party who likes attention. They are outgoing and sometimes arrogant.

Virgo - Is known to pay attention to details. Hyper-organized and a perfectionist with a plan.

Libra - Charming, cooperative, and loving. Loves to be social and will always debate.

Scorpio - Likes to investigate and think deeply. Has strong sexual energy.

Sagittarius - Mystical, adventurous, and philosophically evolved.

Capricorn - The hardest working sign, known to value financial stability and be able to stick to plans.

Body Types

Fire signs have strong features and builds, while Air signs are generally thin or lanky. Earth signs commonly carry more weight or are big boned. Sometimes they may be born with a different or neutral body type, but their lifestyle (dictated by their personality) shows itself in the way they take care of themselves.

Are they meticulously dressed? Dressed to impress? Have they neglected to give their hair a comb in the last month? All of these are indicators. For example, a Scorpio is known to have wild hair and a Leo has a mane of thick hair. A Virgo would hate to be disheveled and a Pisces is lucky if they remember to match, just as a Libra dresses to the beat of their own drum.

A Cancer, as a creature of comfort, will wear comfortable shoes over showy heels. Are you starting to see how these traits can show up in the little details that reveal a person’s core personality? Capricorns, Leos, and Aries are often muscular because they have a lot of energy and push themselves. Leos also like looking good! A Taurus does as well, yet they have less energy, so they may be more into makeup!

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