Mirror mirror on the wall which ZODIAC Sign are most likely to be psychic

Some people believe in #PsychicAbilities and others do not. Regardless of how you feel about psychics, intuition has validity. According to an astrologer, some zodiac signs are more intuitive or have more "psychic" energy than others. But there are ways every sign can hone into these abilities.

To be clear, having psychic abilities doesn't always mean that you can read minds or see the future. Instead, it's can be that little voice in your head telling you that someone is off.
"The concept of intuition is strongly connected to emotions and feeling, rather than logic or reason,".

So here are the zodiac signs that are most likely to be "psychic."

1 Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer is blessed with the natural ability to connect with their emotions. They also have the ability to read between the lines. "Cancer naturally picks up the feelings of those around them almost like a sponge,".

"Then, they tend to internalize them to discern the motivations and thoughts of these other people." While they may not be as "blatantly psychic" as the others on this list, Cancer is still one of the most intuitive signs among the entire zodiac.

 "Cancers lead with their hearts,". "Though they may at times be led astray because of this, they always learn and rarely make the same mistake twice."

2 Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

"Scorpio holds a very strong connection to the deeper realms," . "Naturally, this is the zodiac sign that holds the strongest relation to the 'occult' and all things that are hidden, private, and divine." Scorpios understand that both darkness and light exist within all people. They're known for being intense and hypnotic. Sometimes talking to a Scorpio can leave you feeling like they looked deep into your mind. "Never lie to a Scorpio," .
"They’ll instinctively know and that might just be the last time you ever try to get away with it!"

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