How to improved your love life SCORPIO

Scorpio, you’re a mystery waiting to be decoded. Though your intense gaze promises passion, what else does it imply? Intrigue, jealousy, possessiveness?

Do these dangers await at potential mate? Be aware that such ... ---->>>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


impression can frighten a lover away. You need for control is your greatest drawback to happiness in romance. You don’t have to maneuver anyone into you web.

You’ll improve your chances if you just relax and let love happen. The traits you most need to cultivate in affairs on the heart are found in the Sign of Taurus.

Opposite to you in Zodiac, the Bull has the relaxed, good-natured qualities that balance your deep intensity. Put more sweetness and light in your glance; let intrigue fade away. And if you love, don’t keep it a secret. Perhaps your lover can read your mind, but it’s always nice to hear it said.

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