SAGITTARIUS MAN: The Sign of Sexual Ecstacy

Sagittarius man is the zodiac's libertarian. 

A freewheeling extremist, nobody lives larger than he does. Forever shaking up existing codes and mores, he colors outside the lines in life, succeeding in his endeavors by taking great risks. 

Being so naturally expansive a character, Sagittarius embodies a sense of abandon, emancipating situations from the restraints of small-mindedness, resetting standards and ushering in new orders. By rights, be can be excessive in attitude and behavior, a living testament to the adage "Think big and be big." Indeed, Sag is a born citizen of the world—his oyster—and be approaches any and all experience with an easy exuberance if not an outright sense of exaltation. 

His lifestyle may appear reckless, but what others label "out of control" is often, to him, a natural state wherein he feels securely composed. It is a rather static circumstance that sends him off the rails. In love, he is wildly romantic and effusive: His emotions manifest in a heightened manner, and his displays of affection are often over-the-top. He is physically drawn to perfect tens and, unlike most men, never shrinks from making a play for such glamazons. 

Sagittarius exudes an untamed energy, a renegade charm, which, along with his signature strapping physique, makes him a highly sought after heartthrob. He wants a playmate in a female partner, one who'll share his optimistic vision of life as a great adventure. With men, he's a big player. only settling down with a lover who possesses extraordinary looks, personality, and an extremely open mind.

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