CANCER MAN Zodiac - The Sign of Sexual Potential

Cancer Man
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Cancer man is the zodiac's Prince Charming, a self-professed perfect gentleman—clean-cut, polite, coolly composed, and thus seemingly tailor-made to the specifications of a traditionally minded woman. He appears caring and sensitive, nice and funny, the very picture of respect, moral soundness, and earnest ambition. 

The consummate marrying kind who feels an inbred need to nest, nurture (and be nurtured), Cancer's prime motivation isto be recognized as that proverbial good provider. Notoriously artistic, he gravitates toward careers in which his sensorial spirit might flourish. Still, he expects to be handsomely remunerated for his endeavors—art and commerce are inextricably linked in the Cancerian male mind. Even when working within a corporate structure, he generally performs in special, solo capacities, channeling his signature creative imagination. 

He is, in any case, a hopeless romantic, forever lost in daydreams that feature him in heroic roles, a veritable Walter Mitty with not just one secret fantasy life but typically a slew of them. To women, he portrays himself as a stable, safe bet who'll lavish a mate with atten-tion and seek to satisfy her every whim. He prides himself on being the model boyfriend, husband, or lover, and no guy is more a family man than he. 

For Cancer, sex is an act of worship, whereby he gives himself utterly to a woman, investing his every emotion. In same-sex bonds, he retains his straight-arrow public air, playing the part of a prized but companionable lover who won't be defined by his sexual orientation. In private, however, no male is



Cancer Mars Sign

The fiery energy of Mars does not do too well in this water sign. But depending on what you like, you might actually like this guy a lot. Usually, this guy does not like confrontations, which could make him act passive-aggressive sometimes since all that pent-up frustration and anger has to be released in some way. So he approaches his crush in pretty much the same way: they are slow in their approach.

Until, of course, you give them the green signal. After that, they become very protective of you and like to treat you like a lady with gentle sweet words and gestures. One thing to remember is that their sex drive is very much connected with their emotions. So if he is not feeling it, he will avoid getting too intimate.


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