What makes you pretty according to your zodiac sign.

Being pretty isn't just something physical. You can be pretty – and even beautiful – based on something that's not on the surface. In fact, some of the prettiest qualities are things that you can't see on someone's face.

You might not be able to explain why you think someone is pretty because it's just something you've always been drawn to, I know you're interested to know what makes you so attractive, too.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

You have an energy unlike any other zodiac sign, Aries

When others might give up or get frustrated, you constantly keep up an optimistic energy that keeps you ahead of the curve. You see the best in yourself and everyone else, which isn't easy for everyone to do.

This energy of yours is the reason why you accomplish so much in life. Not only do you not let people or circumstance bring you down, but you also prove just how far a little positive energy and a smile can take you. A lot of people are intimidated by you when they should be looking to you for inspiration.

Keep reading to find out what makes you pretty according to astrology

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