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How's your Zodiac Signs During Quarantine

Aries: Goes out and gets everyone infected because they only care about themselves.

Taurus: Having the time of their lives.

Gemini: Means to finish all those projects they started but never finished. Still doesn’t finish them. Spends all their time on their phones instead.

                 MONTH HOROSCOPE                 


Cancer: Happy that they don’t have to go to work and spends all their time with their family.

Leo: Takes a gazillion selfie’s and posts their face all over social media to make sure no one forgets about them.

Virgo: Spends all their time cleaning and organizing their home.

Libra: Goes out because they need social interaction. Feels guilty about it afterwards.

Scorpio: Gets too deep in their heads thinking about how everyone hates them and is out to betray them.

Sagittarius: Cries because they can no longer go on the vacation they booked because the flight tickets were cheap.

Capricorn: Has massive anxiety because they can’t go to work.

Aquarius: Addicted to their phones and spends all their time learning about new weird subjects they hadn’t studied before.

Pisces: Spends all their time daydreaming. Creates beautiful art of some kind that they won’t show off because they’re too sensitive.

                 MONTH HOROSCOPE                 



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