#TAURUS Vs The Zodiac: The Manipulative Power

How the #Taurus manipulates

Tauruses are characterised by their good disposition. Although not prone to quick reactions, once they have decided to act, then their reactions are vehement and irrevocable. Their strong points are endurance and resilience, although they are all too easily seduced by pleasure and cosiness.

Taurus and Aries 

For the Aries, the Taurus is the second sign. In this relationship, the Taurus only possesses a small amount of manipulative potential. Instead, it is often the case that he helps the Aries to discover his talents and abilities.  The Aries will admire the Taurus for his... 

strength and poise and thereby fall into self-doubt himself. Tauruses give Aries the impression that they frequently snub others and are not welcome as a result. This can lead either to withdrawal and isolation on the part of the Aries, or to making his behaviour to others even more non-committal than is already the case. This will cost him many important friends.

Taurus And Taurus

Taurus and Taurus encounter each other as the first sign. Their relationship is characterised by understanding and fundamental agreement. As partners and friends, their thoughtful actions can provide a sense of reality to projects and decisions while putting a break on the hot-headed ideas or daydreams of other signs. A Taurus manipulates another Taurus by making it all too cosy for him in his comfort zone – this resulting in the Taurus neglecting his goals and ambitions without being aware of it. Sometimes it is necessary in life to strive for something in order to achieve something – even if this entails risks or expending great effort.


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