The MARS Effect in your Birthchart

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The Mars effect hypothesis was first published by the French researcher Michel Gauquelin in 1955. It states that Mars occupies certain region of the sky more often at the time that sports champions are born than at the time that other people are born.

The Gauquelins analyzed some basic tenets of astrology and found a correlation amongst birth planetary positions of a person, his psychological character and the career or vocation or success in it
finding results: "It is now quite certain that the signs in the sky which presided over our births have no power whatever to decide our fates, to affect our hereditary characteristics, or to play any part, however humble, in the totality of effects, random or otherwise, which form the fabric of our lives and mould our impulses to action."

Instead he found that planets and angles were more indicative. “Subsequent results only confirmed and amplified my initial discovery about the physicians. On the whole, it emerged that there was an increasingly solid statistical link between the time of birth of great men and their occupational success.

 ... Having collected over 20,000 dates of birth of professional celebrities from various European countries and from the United States, Michel gauquelin draw the conclusion that the position of the planets at birth is linked to one's destiny.

The Gauquelin sectors are around the astrological angles – the Ascendant and Midheaven (the most powerful zones) and the Descendant and IC (slightly weaker). However, instead of angular 1st and 10th house, the key sectors are the cadent 12th and 9th houses. Certain planets in 12th and 9th showed the following professions:

Saturn – scientists, physicians, doctors
Mars – doctors, sports, scientists, military, executives
Moon – writers, politicians
Jupiter – actors, journalists, playwrights, politicians, military, executives

In your Birthchart here is the Example of Calculation of MARS EFFECT using my Birth chart , 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

Given above are the Gauquelin sectors and the percent through each sector.
The time of the previous and next culmination/anti-culmination or rising/setting
of each planet is also given for the purpose of validating the calculations.
Gauquelin sectors are calculated by dividing each quadrant into 9 sectors, for
a total of 36 sectors.

Sectors 1-3, 9-12, 18-21, 27-30, and 36 are the "plus zones" and a "+"
appears after the number of the sector in the list above. According to
Gauquelin's research, a planet has a stronger influence when it is in a

plus zone. Planets in a minus zone, designated with "-", are not as strong.

                        Gauquelin Sectors for

February 29, 2020    8:22:05 PM    Gainesville, Florida
29 N 39 05   82 W 19 30   Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed
GMT: 01:22:05    Time Zone: 5 hours West

Planet Positions:
Sun     10 Pis 55    Mars      9 Cap 21    Neptune  18 Pis 07
Moon    20 Tau 53    Jupiter  19 Cap 33    Pluto    24 Cap 16
Mercury  2 Pis 45    Saturn   28 Cap 10    Asc.      6 Lib 34
Venus   25 Ari 30    Uranus    3 Tau 42    MC        6 Can 54

    Sector  %          Prev.                  Next
Sun  21 +  80.6   set 18:24:30            anti-culm. 0:41:37
Moo  14 -  39.4   culminate 17:09:45      set 23:43:40
Mer  22 -  65.3   set 17:49:09            anti-culm. 0:05:54
Ven  16 -  94.4   culminate 15:24:55      set 21:50:04
Mar  27 +  76.7   set 13:35:31            anti-culm. 20:32:53
Jup  26 -  81.1   set 14:23:28            anti-culm. 21:16:42
Sat  25 -  99.8   set 15:03:52            anti-culm. 21:53:08
Ura  16 -  10.6   culminate 15:58:30      set 22:27:02
Nep  21 +   5.3   set 18:57:02            anti-culm. 1:09:54

Plu  26 -  36.3   set 14:44:04            anti-culm. 21:37:14

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