Astrological Indications for business/ Job Success

There are various different combinations of  planets that suggest whether the person will be in  job or business.

You need money also to start business. That is  indicated by 2nd house. If your 2nd house is not  strong you may not have the courage to take  initiative to start your own business. 2nd house is the  house of accumulated money, bank balance and  family business.

To do any business we need .... ----->>>

courage to take  risk, and the courage is seen from 3rd house. This  house does not only indicate courage, it will compel  to take initiatives. 3rd, 6th and 11th houses are called  upachaya houses and if any malefic planet is there  in the 3rd house it will give good results but if any  benefic planet is placed, you are doomed. This rule is  only applicable for upachaya houses. Among all  malefic planets Saturn plays an important role in 3rd  house.
The successful business man needs ability to  handle odd situations and some tricks to grow the  business. These qualities come through experience  and sufferings and Saturn is the significator of these.  If the 3rd house is not strong, the native will not even  think about the business.

3rd house is the house of courage and  initiatives. When there is any relation between 3rd  house or 3rd lord with 10th house or 10th lord and 9th  house and 9th lord as well as Mars, the person may  choose business.

5th house gives you power of decision making  and makes you enough intelligent in life. To be a  successful businessman you have to take right  decisions at the right time and 5th house gives the  ability. A strong 5th house makes you enough  intelligent to do anything in life and business is one  of them.

 A dominating 7th house develops strong desire  to do something on their own. It may be dominated  by 7th lord himself or connection of 2nd lord or 11th  lord or any strong business related planet.  Successful businessman has strong 7th house.

11th house is the house of gains and if this  house is not strong all will go in vain. Your hard  work, perseverance, everything will be useless.

6th house is the house of service. If the 6th  house or the 6th lord is stronger than the Lagna or  Lagna lord, the native is likely to go in for job or  service.

If Saturn which is in its own sign, exalted and  is not related to 6th ,8th, 12th house and it makes PAC  with Moon, Sun, 10th house, 10th lord, then the  native shall opt for business.

 If there is a connection between 2nd, 6th, 10th,  11th house only then this combination represents  service or job. Any bad influence on the 2nd house  will affect the salary of the person badly. The person  will not be getting salary according to his hard work  and will always be less and unsatisfactory. A strong  2nd house and lord always gives high paid job.

When the 10th house makes connection with  2nd, 6th, and 11th house it gives job or service. If it  makes connection with 2nd, 7th, and 11th house it  gives the ability and opportunity to do business.  10th house is the house of career.  Concentration of planets around the ascendant or

10th house strengthen ascendant and 10th house.  This increases self confidence and independence of  person, which is necessary for business. This also  makes a person self centred. The chances of person  going into business with this combination is strong.

7th house is the house of business in  astrology. More number of points in ashtavarga grant  strength to 7th house. Strength of 7th house should  be more than 6th house.

Business Success Horoscope for the Month of  2020

One danger in using your AstroSignature Time Line is, ironically, that it may work too well! Some people have found the forecast to be accurate and consequently they rely very strongly on the  Time Line forecast. 

Business Success: On days when the deep red color appears you are likely to feel confident, you have good common sense, and opportunities just seem to come to you more easily. If "Athletic Performance" is also high, your confidence and ability to make good decisions in almost any area of life is very strong.

Good Luck, Optimism: On days when the deep red color appears you have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and you are likely to frequently feel particularly exuberant, humorous, or optimistic on these days. If "Business Success" is high, this is a great time to move forward with business plans, purchasing plans, etc. If "Athletic Performance" is high, a little good luck is likely to accompany your skill to ensure that you do very well. Don't get too wildly speculative though, especially if "Mental Acuity" (described next) is not highlighted, or if "Imagination, confusion" is highlighted.


NOTE:  This Astro Signature Forecast is General trend it can apply to all individual. 
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