If you’ve ever wondered will he choose his friends over you, according to astrology

Friendship is important, and sometimes men will have friends that seem to be more important than anything else they have going on, including a relationship.
Of course, this is a good thing since it shows how loyal a person can be to the people they have a tight bond with. Some zodiac signs out there who are the fiercest, and most loyal friends you could ever have.

Some horoscope signs will always and forever choose their friends over a partner, while others will ditch their friends for the guy, only to come back after the relationship like “newly single, who dis?”


Aries has places to go and people to see. Just because you're a new fixture in his life doesn't mean he's going to drop everything just to be with you 24/7. It sounds harsh, but that's the reality of being with Aries. You have to learn how to keep up or risk losing him.
Aries will definitely give you the attention you deserve when you're dating him, but when it comes to choosing between his friends (the people who have known him forever) and a new fling (someone who's still getting to know him), he's going to go with his friends every time.

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Taurus is one of the most loyal zodiac signs out there, which means that once you're in his life, you're in his good graces forever. His friendships mean a lot to him because he knows that these are the people who will always reciprocate his loyalty.
That said, Taurus knows how important it is to make a serious effort in a new relationship. He definitely isn't going to ditch you for his friends if he thinks this relationship could turn into something amazing. He's a big fan of love, so expect him to schedule a LOT of quality time with you.


Since Gemini is the twins of the zodiac, it's easy for him to have a two-sided view on love and relationships. His feelings for someone can run hot and cold pretty easily, which means he might want to spend time with you at first but end up ditching you for his friends later on.
More often than not, Gemini will choose his friends over you, but he'll do it in a way that he thinks is fair. Since communication is huge with him, he might try to "spend time with you" in the digital sense, but still hang out with his friends while he texts you.


Cancer is all about cultivating lasting relationships, which means that he believes in giving every new relationship a fair chance. He knows that he won't ever make new friends or find love if he only ever spends time with the people who are already in his life.
Cancer isn't someone to choose his friends over you because he wants you to know that he's serious about making it work with you. He wants you to know that your relationship is important to him, which means spending an equal amount of time with you AND his friends.


Leo is a very loyal friend, BUT he's a passionate soul, too. That means that if he finds someone (like you) who can give him the affection, adoration, and love he wants, he's going to ditch his friends to get it.
Leo knows that his friends will always be there for him, so he doesn't mind spending time with someone new and ditching them for a while. They know that he'll always come back, so enjoy the quality time you have with Leo while it lasts. He'll either make you a permanent part of his life or choose his friends over you for good.


Virgo has some pretty high standards when it comes to dating. He won't date just anyone because he doesn't want to waste his time with someone who doesn't cut it. For that reason, he will most likely choose his friends over you – at least until he can determine if you're worth his time.
Virgo needs people in his life who will have his back through all the ups and downs that life brings. He knows that his friends will always be there for him no matter what, which is why he trusts them over any relationship. Until you can prove to him that you're serious about him, he's going to choose his friends over you.


Libra is love-obsessed! He wants a love that will sweep him off his feet and make everything else seem insignificant. Even if he isn't actively looking for love, he's still always looking for beauty and romance in everything he does.
Libra isn't the kind of person to choose his friends over you, especially if he's really into you. He's always looking for balance in his life – on top of a grand romance – so finding his other half usually means putting his friends aside to give a new relationship a real shot.


Scorpio is another zodiac sign who is deeply loyal to his friends. Once you prove to him that you will always be there for him, he files you away in his "ride or die crew" file for life. It might take a while to get that label, but it's worth it to have him in your life.
Scorpio is also a very intense lover. His passionate personality makes him someone who does want to find someone to spend his life with, but even still, it can be hard for him to open up right away. He'll only choose his friends over you if he doesn't feel like the relationship has a future.


Friends are what make Sagittarius' life exciting and fun. He feels most alive when he's surrounded by his most favorite people, and every adventure he sets out on is only made better when his friends tag along.
Sagittarius is known for being a fan of casual relationships. He much prefers to date a lot of people at once than one person seriously, after all. For that reason, he will definitely choose his friends over you because they're more permanent fixtures in his life than his ever-changing rotation of partners.


Relationships are investments to Capricorn. He knows that you really have to work at a relationship to make it, well, work. He ultimately wants to find his soulmate, and he'll work at his relationship just as hard as he works at his career.
Capricorn isn't one to choose his friends over you if he sees a real future with you. He can be pretty discerning when it comes to dating, so if you find yourself being ditched for his friends, it could be because he's done with you. Harsh, but Capricorn knows what he wants and isn't' afraid to say it.


Aquarius is another one of those zodiac signs that doesn't like to feel tied down in his relationships. He wants to know that he has the independence to be whoever he wants to be, no matter who he's with. That said, he doesn't mind being in an exclusive relationship if it feels right.
Aquarius doesn't want his relationship to run his entire life. He wants to know that whoever he is with is just one part of his lush life. Aquarius will choose his friends over you if the relationship is starting to feel a little too suffocating or boring.


Pisces has such a dream-like idea of what the perfect relationship looks like that the minute he finds someone new to date, he throws himself totally into the relationship without a second thought. Not only that, but he ditches his friends pretty quickly, too.
Even if the relationship doesn't last, Pisces will never choose his friends over you. He wants what he's been dreaming about to come to life, which means committing to you. Pisces can run hot and cold at times when it comes to relationships, but ultimately, he chooses love over friendship.

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