Harmonious and Hot Synastry Aspect in Astrological Chart

❤  Harmonious #SynastryAspects  :

Moon trine/sextile Moon : You feel comfortable around these people and you can easily understand each other

Sun conj,trine,sextile Venus:  You adore them

Moon conj,trine,sextile Venus: Tenderness 

Moon conj,trine,sextile Jupiter: You bring joy to each other

Sun conj,trine,sextile Jupiter : Vitality

Venus conj Venus : you know what makes each other happy

Sun or Venus conj IC : it feels like “home”

❤  Hot Synastry Aspects:

Mars conj,square,opposite Moon : hot but feelings will get easily hurt

Pluto conj,square,opposite,trine Sun,Moon,Venus,Mars : Intense, beware though,someone may get burned

ASC conj Mars : simply hot

Sun conj,opposite,square Mars : hot but full of ego clashes

Venus/Mars midpoint conj,opposite,square Sun,Moon,Venus,Mars: irresistible

Venus conj,square,opposite,trine Mars : one of the most used aspects in synastry for obvious reasons xD

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