The cancer Zodiac stellium culture

🌊a sea of emotions taking control of whatever planets and houses the stellium is in

🌊logic, rationality? What’s that ??? never heard of it

🌊hard core lovers, there isn’t a single person in their lives that they don’t care about

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🌊prone to victimizing themselves

🌊would make great singer/songwriters or poets if mercury or 3rd house is involved

🌊loyal to a fault

🌊has so much empathy almost to their detriment, they feel and are affected by other people’s emotions more than anyone else

🌊need a cozy comfortable home to retreat to

🌊making the best parents and partners, very nurturing

🌊need emotional outlets, such as exercise or art, or else they will swallow them whole

🌊having the most trouble breaking out of their shell, comfort is a blessing and a curse to them because they need it, but it also holds them back

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