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The three types of Sun signs in Astrology

Obviously if you’re, say, Cancer sun with a leo venus & moon you might express similar traits to a Cancer sun with leo mercury, also aspects & house placement matter too about the sign’s expression so take this into account when reading this/

Aries sun

+ pisces mercury - way more vague and not-in-your-face than what you’d expect from an aries. they often sound as if they speak in riddles, and mind you, they WILL still speak a lot and in an authoritative way regardless if they make sense or nah but there’s still a softness in their words that hits different. they give aries the reputation of having a hidden sensitive and submissive side.

+ aries mercury - i mean one would expect them to be loud but even with those expectations in mind it’s still incredible how loud they really are. these people will speak up and yes, they do believe whoever speaks up louder is actually right. not the type to dwell on the past or learn from their mistakes. they give aries the reputation of being direct, extremely forward and always speaking up their mind.

+ taurus mercury - the headstrong aries (yes all aries people are headstrong, i mean the sign practically rules the head, but if you add some earthy stubborness to that the situation gets on another level). their fire burns out way slower than that of the other aries folks and their determination is visible not only in the passionate way in which they jump to action but also in their ability to sustain the structure of the mind one needs to support their actions. they give aries the reputation of being impossibly stubborn and determined.

Taurus sun

+ aries mercury - the one that values their peace the least. that’s the taurus that often starts arguments and is extremely persistent about their point of view. speaks very confidently and might be too loud without realizing it. probably has a huge friend circle. they give taurus the reputation of acting as if they’re always right and being smugly confident.

+ taurus mercury - the one that puts comfort before it all. they might be spending most of their time at home. very funny in a goodnatured way, not the type to make heartlessly fun of people. will do anything to protect their safety. they give taurus the reputation of being security oriented and introverted.

+ gemini mercury - the unexpectedly sharp one. the rest of the tauruses don’t usually start shit and ain’t the type to bite you in the ass with a sassy remark but this one…oh this one will go after you for the fun of it. they seem very stable at first but when you know them a bit more you realize their mind is constantly moving and they need stimulation for it. they give taurus the reputation of being good with words and secretly manipulative.

Gemini sun

+ taurus mercury - a gemini that keeps their opinion the same for more than 20 mins? yes they exist - and they most likely have mercury in taurus. those gemini are usually quite stubborn, less flexible in their life style and way of thinking and most likely to resist being pursued to do smth that makes them feel uncomfortable. they are the ones that give gemini the reputation for being unwilling to admit they might be wrong and for standing their ground in an argument at the cost of anything.

+ gemini mercury - wow…they’re quick. very smart with their words and eloquent, probably have a talent for writing short stories and capturing their audience. generally quite gifted when it comes to verbal expression. may get anxious to talk in front of an audience tho. the fastest when it comes to jumping back on your feet and coming up with a saucy comeback. they are the ones that give gemini the reputation of talking fast and a lot and for being able to twist everyone’s words as they please (jk that’s every single gemini)

+ cancer mercury - the more quiet ones that actually wait for their turn to speak (unless they’re in a #mood) (which is…often lmao). that’s the kind of gemini that observes their surroundings a lot and pretends to enjoys listening to people a lot. there is an air of languidness to them and they’re less prone to run away from their feelings and never mention them. the ones that give gemini the reputation of being moody and secretive and emotionally manipulative.

Cancer sun

+ gemini mercury - the most emotionally detached one. these cancers can have a very keen understanding of people’s minds/emotions and they may use this knowledge in a manipulative way while maintaing an innocent facade (i mean, all cancers are prone to this but a gemini mercury makes you more rational and cunning so it’s more likely that you’d be able to manipulate others without giving yourself away). they often pull the strings backstage. they give cancer the reputation of being cunning and elusive.

+ cancer mercury - the sad poets. these people see the world in a melancholic light but also manage to find beauty and meaning in so many things and if they channel this talent into writing, well, they can be extremely inspirational and touching. good listeners but also rest assured they’re taking mental notes of your weak spots when they listen. often struggle with negative thoughts about themselves. they give cancer the reputation of being depressive and lyrical.

+ leo mercury - the scorpionic one. srsly….mix cancer and leo and you get smth very similar to scorpio lmao. extremely vengeful and will go after you if they feel like you’ve wronged them. i’m underlining the “FEEL” part cuz they can be pretty subjective about it and lash out at people for selfish reasons. very sensitive and the ego might be hurt easily so they might see being nonchalant as smth good but also crave intensity in their life almost as hard as scorpio venus does. the most extroverted ones. they give cancer the reputation of being vengeful and intense.

Leo sun

+ cancer mercury - the leos that surprise you with how introverted they are. they’re a little far from the classical image of the flamboyant loud leo that needs public recognition. they’re more likely to seek validation and express themselves in front of someone they know and feel comfortable with. the leo that’s most likely to pay more attention to what others say than to their own voice. they give leo the reputation of being nurturing and clingy. (add a cancer venus as well and the situation gets easily out of hand)

+ leo mercury - the most creative ones of the bunch. they focus on learning how to value their ideas and voice and to get it out there, to express openly. there is a judgemental side to them tho, also they often get carried away with listening to themselves talk and start ranting on for hours about things that are not connected to the original topic. they give leo the reputation of being self-absorbed and strongly expressive.

+ virgo mercury - the leo that’s most likely to not follow their heart; at least not without including some thought as well. thought out actions and analytical approach rather than expressive. may struggle with expressing themselves confidently and to feel like their voice is not loud enough. they give leo the reputation of being eager to help and difficult to satisfy.

Virgo sun

+ leo mercury - the least shy ones. not that they can’t be withdrawn too but those virgos always seem to find a way to shine. they need an outlet for their creative energy where they can receive openly validation. compared to the others virgos, they’re most likely to admit they’re deeply affected by what others think of them. they give virgo the reputation of being confident and bossy.

+ virgo mercury - the overOVERthinkers. yes, all virgos think themselves to exhaustion but these ones have it especially hard. their mind is a literal maze and it takes all of their focus and mental energy to not get lost. also that’s how they develop their excellent organizational skills. they give virgo the reputation of being deeply analytical and orderly.

+ libra mercury - the writers. if you’re a virgo sun/libra mercury, you have both the dedication and the talent to write down literal masterpieces and if you still haven’t started, maybe you should give it some thought. those virgos combine their natural sense for atmosphere and aesthetics with the impeccable analytical intuition that helps understand things objectively. they give virgo the reputation of being a smooth talker and of being seductive yet cold at the same time.

Libra sun

+ virgo mercury - the poet. idk a single libra with virgo mercury that hasn’t written a lot of poetry in some part of their life. also they’re quite likely to express strong opinions and to be very good at defending them. sharp thought, might come off a bit too cold and mean sometimes but not in a rude way, just a bit as if they lack compassion. they give libra the reputation of being argumentative and a devil’s advocate.

+ libra mercury - the perfect one. add a libra venus as well and count yourself immediately in love. these libras are smooth talkers, always listening to others and trying to make them feel supported and as if they agree with them and see their point of view. can be pretty hard to get to know their more private self because they tend to hide parts of themselves that won’t please others very deeply. this often makes them appear like an ideal partner. they give libra the reputation of being heartbreakers and perfect lovers.

+ scorpio mercury - the one that understands. don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean the rest of the libras ain’t understanding, it’s just libras aren’t focused on penetrating the other’s mind, their goal is to please, not to dissect. scorpio mercury makes one a sharper observer and also more interested in plunging in the depths than in reflecting the surface. they give libra the reputation of being manipulative and knowing more than they show.

Scorpio sun

+ libra mercury - they actually love flirting and are pretty good at it. the sag ones may come off as too direct, the scorp ones are reluctant to reveal their feelings and may come across as…creepy and intense, but the libra ones…oh boy. they know all about social niceties and also all about how to avoid them without being awkward or scary. it would appear, at least on the outside, that they’ve managed to control their raw plutonic energy and to express it in a more balanced way. (don’t tell them that we know it’s just for show lmao). they are the ones that give scorpio the reputation of being super flirty and seductive and showing romantic/sexual interest in many people.

+ scorpio mercury - someone’s checking you from across the room being all gloomy and dark and all-seeing? a person that looks like the embodiment of sauron’s eye? ye that’s probably someone with a scorp sun + scorp mercury, even more so than scorpio venus/rising. they communicate through the eyes. these are the type of ppl that would turn off their music around people but remain with their headphones on so they can snoop on convos. sharp, sarcastic and…they be knowing shit. they give scorpio the reputation of being fbi agents and of knowing more than they appear to know without revealing much about themselves.

+ sagittarius mercury - the ones that won’t keep their mouths shut. less inclined to read the room, more inclined to change the room’s energy. expect long rants about every part of life that sound as if they see themselves as the wise monk that came down from the mountains to save your pitiful ass with their truth (when i say “their truth”, read the only truth). they give scorpio the reputation of being big meanies that will make you cry without batting an eye and of always being honest and straightforward.

Sagittarius sun

+ scorpio mercury - the private ones. sagittarius ppl are notorious for being great at avoiding intimate and personal topics but scorpio mercuries take this skill to another level. you have a distinctive feeling they have a deeply hidden side to them and it may take years to make them open up a bit about it. they give sagittarius the reputation of being intense and emotionally manipulative.

+ sagittarius mercury - the know it alls. srsly tho, these people have in their minds prepared extensive rants on literally every topic on earth that exists or might be created. they like to have the last word, despise being proven wrong and rarely realize how overbearing this might be to others. they give sagittarius the reputation of being walking encyclopedias and being overly argumentative and unable to admit their mistakes.

+ capricorn mercury -  the practical one. these sags are a bit less likely to fit the stereotype of a hippie that’s constantly traveling around without settling. they’re definitely expansive like all jupiterians but they think and express themselves in a more… compressed way + need stability and structure in their chaos. they give sagittarius the reputation of being wise beyond their age and dogmatic.

Capricorn sun

+ sagittarius mercury - the blunt one that always has some “painfully honest opinions” to share. may come off as rude and inconsiderate towards people’s feelings. i’ve noticed this mercury really enhances the mars influence in capricorn people (after all mars exalts in capricorn). probably a bit more scandalous and controversial than you’d expect from your regular capricorn. they give capricorn the reputation of people who take no shit from anyone and will cut you if you cross them.

+ capricorn mercury - the dry one. outspoken and believe that less is more. but might fail to apply this belief to their personal life as they also genuinely believe they know better than anyone and have to guide others immediately by expressing their superior thoughts. might often quote people they consider to be an authority and like to be seen as such too. they give capricorn the reputation of dogmatic and confident people that will follow through on any cost and that stand behind their words. 

+ aquarius mercury - the visionary. they manage to combine perfectly their powerful will to see things through and their fascinating ability to perceive and understand the world, this way becoming someone who can actually make changes (for better or for worse) and manifest their ideas. more futuristic and innovative than you would expect from a capricorn. they are the ones that give capricorn the reputation of acting cold and detached and being lil freaks behind closed doors (i lied, they’re all kinda freaky regardless of the mercury sign lol)

Aquarius sun

+ capricorn mercury - the action oriented one. they won’t be as chaotic and shocking as one might expect from an aquarius. structured way of speaking and contagious confidence. they give aquarius the reputation of being ambitious and persuasive.

+ aquarius mercury - the innovator. yeah all aquarians are supposedly innovative, it’s in the job descriptions, so to speak, but those with mercury in the same sign really focus on sharing their visions with others and changing the world with their ideas. god gave them a sneak peak and they’re spreading the word. they give aquarius the reputation of being a genius.

+ pisces mercury - the artist. a lot of creativity comes with this combination. it’s a difficult one since both the sun and mercury are in detriment but if you don’t let the self pity that comes with being unable to express the self in an understandable way drown you, you may reach and share with others unseen depths. they give aquarius the reputation of being mystical and hard to understand.

Pisces sun 

+ aquarius mercury - the most reasonable pisces we’ve got. they are able to detach from their emotions and apply common sense easier than most pisces. from what i’ve seen they also struggle a lot with expressing their own needs in a personal way, they’re often going on about the community, their friend group, the people that surround them…they give pisces the reputation of being chaotic and unpredictable. 

+ pisces mercury - the most difficult to understand. they mostly communicate through disconnected blurts of gibberish that may or may not contain a drop of infinite wisdom. these pisces need to recharge with alone time and creativity even more so than the rest and may have a vivid connection with other dimensions and express this in a very strong and picturesque way. they give pisces the reputation of having a wild imagination and being withdrawn and kinda incoherent. 

+ aries mercury - the pisces that don’t need so much alone time or at least crave company as much as they crave seclusion. they’re the ones who get their message loud and clear and it might actually be difficult to get them to shut up (actually the latter is true about all pisces but let’s not get there lmfao). might lean into being too fanatical and overbearing and to act as if their message is some god sent truth we all should abide by. surprisingly domineering in a conversation. they give pisces the reputation of doing whatever it takes to get what they want, often in sneaky manipulative ways cuz neptune is involved, and of being really out there when it comes to expressing who you are.


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