Great gifts for #Scorpio

Color : Dk. Red, Black Gemstone: Oct. – Opal / Nov. – Topaz 

When buying for a #Scorpio, keep in mind these words: mysterious... exotic... psychology. The detective of the zodiac, Scorpio enjoys whodunits no one else can unravel. Objects with an aura of mystery, such as an Egyptian scarab pin, antiques, fossils or crystals will draw raves. 

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


Books or magazine about UFOs or unexplained phenomenon will also intrigue. Please their protective nature with a car alarm, a jewelry box with a lock, a spring-lock money clip or a personal security siren. Stylish and exotic. Scorpio adores clothing of high quality with plenty of sex appeal. 

Consider a luxury item such as a pure cashmere cardigan or imported tweed jacket. Into self-improvement, Scorpios will enjoy self-help book or motivational tapes. For Scorpio Children: a trinket box or diary with a lock and key, a microscope, magic kit, brainteaser video game or an exotic pet such as tropical fish, a parrot or turtle will thrill a young Eagle.