Great holiday gifts for Scorpio

Scorpios are detectives by nature and apt to experience a "rebirth" at some time in their life. A gift appropriate to either — or both— of these traits is bound to please. 
For the super-sleuth, consider night-vision binoculars, a challenging puzzle, a cellular phone scrambler or pocket "bug" detector. 














strategy, such as rummy tiles, Monopoly, elec-tronic backgammon or computerized chess. And items that will appeal to their protective nature are a video surveillance system, car alarm, personal safety siren, smoke detector or jewelry box with secret compartments. 

For the "reborn" Scorpio, celebrate with a gift of a self-improvement book, beauty makeover, music — CDs, tapes, headphones, concert tickets — or clothing in intense colors, with sex appeal. For Scorpio Children: Clue, a toy cash register, magic kit, diary with a lock and key, telescope, camera, microscope mystery novel or video games will thrill a young Eagle.