How #Scorpio can make love last

For love to last, apply these solutions for overcoming the natu-ral differences between men and women. 

Scorpio Women: For you, the Scorpio need to control or reform 
a man's behavior in indirect ways could lead to difficulties. When you do so by offering ...














advice too often, you may make your man feel you don't trust his good sense. And subtle com-plaints about things he hasn't done can make your amor feel you don't fully appreciate him and take for granted the many things he does for you. When you support your man's deci-sions, show your gratitude and encouragement your love tie will flourish. 

Scorpio Men: The tendency to withdraw when you face prob-lems is a relationship hazard. Your Scorpio need to be strong and secretive turns you inward when conflicts arise. When you fail to understand a woman's need to talk things out, you can make her feel rejected by your preoccupation and silence while you mull things over. When you listen and respond to her concerns, you create a deep trust and love that defies time.