How #Scorpio makes the workplace work best

You dynamic Scorpios can feel frustrated when you're job doesn't provide outlets for your intense energies, power hunger or yen to dig deep for answers. You need to control, transform or overcome obstacles. 














Superiors: Because you're often secretive, Scorpio, VIPs may not realize your strength and leadership potential unless you express or "sell" your good points or ideas more fully. When you make plans, for example, you research every detail; but to gain notice from decision makers, deliver you ideas with a bit of showmanship. 

Co-workers: Industrious and thorough, you will impress jobmates with your ability to get the toughest job done. When there are differences, however, you'll gain the greatest coop-eration by being open and direct, discussing problems freely rather than holding grudges. A sunny disposition and enthusi-asm for inventive methods or ideas will help you rally support on the job.