#SCORPIO: How to have a happy love relationship

Your sexy, magnetic personality is likely to attract many prospects. But a long-term love alliance may not be easy for you Scorpios. You can achieve lasting happiness in romance or a committed union, though, if you look closely at the... --->>














trade-offs needed. Ruled by nut°, the planet of power, depth and transformation, you require a mate who's loyal, sincere and sensitive to your deep feelings. But, in return, to maintain romantic harmony, you'll have to tone down the intense need to control your mate in subtle ways. Give him or her space to be an individual, trust more, transform suspicion or Jealousy into healthy caring. Realize love doesn't thrive when hemmed in by possessiveness. 

Use your strong intuition for understanding rather than as a tool for manipulation. You'll relate most easily to a sensuous Taurus, intuitive Cancer, adaptive Virgo, lusty Capricorn, romantic Pisces, or another sultry Scorpio like your-self. If you're already in a tow nsome, read your mate's Sign for added insight.