#SCORPIO: How to stay on the right course to success

Astrology can help keep you on track in pursuing career, love or money success, Scorpio. Your natural strength and intensity will be enhanced by certain people, attitudes or strategies that 
further your quest. 














pioneering ventures, staying ahead of the competition, focusing on the entertainment industry and teaming with Aries and Leo. Pay more heed to being first, looking good, entertaining clients. To keep romance on track, use Taurus affection or Pisces compassion. Also try flowers, music, tender words and poetry. Love will last i f you focus more on sentiment, less on power. 

To help your money fortunes grow, diversify your holdings, subscribe to an investment newsletter and rely on advertising or publicity to promote business ventures. Associating with travelers, visitors from abroad, Geminis and Sagittarians also can help. Combine these factors with your own resourceful nature for the key to fabulous success.