#Scorpio's irresistible romantic powers

Your love life could provide the plot for an old Valentino silent film, Scorpio. Full of intrigue, smoldering passion and heavy-lidded gazes, your personal scenario has little need for words. And as secretive as you are, neither do you. 

Although you're very sexy, you're not the type to act the flirt or Iciss and tell. Your heart is more like a cast-iron anchor than a yo-yo. Once it falls, it falls. No lukewarm, half-baked, lighthearted romance for you! And if someone is looking solely for a companion, you might recommend a lap dog. You have so much romantic power you may even scare a potential lover away with the initial intensity of your million-megaton glance. 

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     

not intimidating, temper your intensity. When you turn down your personal thermostat, your partner will warm to you more easily. With soft smiles, a little small talk and your satiric humor, the rapport will quickly become as special and intimate as you desire. To hold a lover, learn to let go. Your grasp is sometimes too tight and, without realizing it, you may inadvertently manipulate. 

A love guarded too jealously is often stifled and may fail to thrive. When you mix with other people, don't police your amor's every glance or word. Trust in your own magnetic charm, bedroom eyes and devotion- then you will turn your romantic TV pilot into a long-running series that sizzles with passion.