Great gifts for #Pisces

Color. Silver, Gray Gemstone: Feb. - Amethyst / Mar. - Aqua-marine 

When buying for a Pisces, keep in mind these words: romance... imagination... sensitive. This dreamy Water Sign is drawn to anything that's romantic or offers an aes-thetic escape: tickets to the theater, ballet or  ---->>>














a concert, a weekend cabin stay or a heart-tugging video, a book of prize-winning photographs or poetry. With their lively imagination, Pisceans will enjoy an oil-painting or watercolor set or anything that enables them to express their creativity and artistic ability. Sensitive to scents, sights and sounds in the immediate environment. 

Pisces will love perfumed candles, incense, a naturescape poster, wind chimes and New Age tapes or CD's. Your Fish is compassion-ate and spiritual and will also enjoy books on metaphysics, meditation or history's great saints and mystics. For Pisces Children: a small furry pet or soft toy to cuddle, book of fairy tales, paint or crayon set, camera, diary, make-up kit or dress-up costumes will enchant a young Fish.