Whom you #Pisceans attract and why

You sensitive, emotional Fishes often attract mates, partners or associates who are quite different from you in personality and temperament 

Their Traits: They are less likely than you to be ruled by moods and feelings, dreams and imagination. They're more apt to be detail-minded, down-to-earth and fussy about neatness, order and logic. 

Traits Partners Will Especially Appreciate in You: ----->>>














Your sympathetic ear, high ideals, sudden inspirations, your artistic, musical or dance talents and your keen intuition about what they're feeling. 

Winning Ways on a Date: Dine at health-food restaurants or one that serves simple, nutritious fare. Discuss fitness or ask about their work and show real interest Then head for a bookstore or the nearest public library and be prepared to linger for a while. 

Winning Ways in Marriage: Be neat and orderly; pick up after yourself and offer to help with chores. Your mate is apt to over-work at times; instead of complaining, plan some relaxing recreation to rebuild his or her stamina. Meet any criticism with toler-ance and compromise.