Your powerful #Pisces love nature

Pisces, you are romance personified. Idealistic, compassionate and imaginative, you long for the perfect mate and an almost fairy tale type of love. You're also lmown to alternate between being an unconventional "free spirit" on the one hand and traditionalist with your own brand of possessiveness on the other, like the two Fishes in your symbol ....---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



that are connected yet swimming in opposite directions. 

You're so telepathic you know just what someone close to you is thinking and exactly how to handle them. And when your keen intuition detects that there is something going awry in the relationship, you will go to any lengths to resolve problems and bring back the closeness and harmony you cheri sh so much. 

You're al so attentive and eager to lavish compliments upon your date or mate. Anyone lucky enough to fall in love with you is destined to glow under your doting touch. Loyal, supportive, and generous to the point of self-sacrifice, your devotion is deeply heartfelt and unfailing. You and your soulmate know how to keep dreams alive and, in the midst of everyday living, soar on the wings of romance.