#Pisces' fastest way to wealth

You, Pisces, possess amazing strengths for building wealth-a fertile imagination, razor-sharp intuition, a keen artistic sense, sensitivity to others' needs and the dedication to stay committed to your ideals and what you want to accomplish. 

Deeply compassionate, .... ---->>>

you'll go to any lengths to help people and when moneymaking also benefits others, serves a useful purpose or you feel is worthwhile in some way, you work tirelessly and prosper accordingly. Your "Money PIanet," Mars, indicates that when you take charge, act forcefully, are decisive and don't let others run the show, which you sometimes do, your gains in-crease dramatically. 

Using your impeccable timing to know when to go against it is a powerful tool you apply to get decision-makers to do your paperwork or record-keeping when possible. For when you are free to live in your mind and put on your "suit-of-confidence" armor, you're an un-stoppable wealth-builder. 


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