#Taurus Dating a #Scorpio

  Ideal Earth and water. The chemistry sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Water nourishes earth and earth holds and contains water. However, every sign has a polar opposite—Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, Gemini/Sagittarius and so on around the zodiac.

This means that you and Scorpio occupy the same axis, are compatible in terms of elements, and share the same fixed sign modality. You are opposites, mirror images of each other. You’re a cultivator, Taurus, and Scorpio is an investigator. You perceive the world through a lens of practicality; Scorpio perceives every-thing through emotions and intuition. When this combination works, it does so because you and Scorpio balance each other. One possesses traits that the other doesn't. 

While Scorpio is investigating, researching and probing into life's mysteries, you should be doing what you do best—cultivating your resources, pursuing your dreams and enjoying the beauty that surrounds you. It's risky to make Scorpio the center of your world. You can't cultivate this sign, but you can enrich and expand Scorpio's life in ways that benefit both of you. 

What You Need to Know 

You're a physical person who enjoys athletics, sports and pushing your body w its limits. You 

excel at world ng with your hands—gardening, woodworking, sculpting—and your eye for beauty is unequaled in the zodiac. Music often transports you into ethereal realms. Scorpio admires all of this about you. 

But don't expect him to take yoga just because you love all those pretzel poses. Don't expect him to join your kickball team. His preference may be for more solitary activities—jogging, long walks in nature and pursuits that free his mind so that his emotions and intuition flow freely. 

You often keep your emotions private. But if Scorpio asks you what's wrong, don't shrug it off. Verbalize what you feel. Once you start doing this, Scorpio is likely to reciprocate. This way, you won't experience any of those "bull rushes" when everything you've wanted to say and the accretion of petty annoyances sud-

denly explode out of you. Nothing turns a Scor-pio off more quickly than a temper tantrum that seems to come out of the blue. 
You're rarely in a hurry and that quality fits Scorpio's approach to life. Your patience, per-sistence and determination will work in your favor in this relationship. Both of you are look-ing for your soul mate, and when you find that other half, your commitment is probably for keeps. 
The major challenge in this combination is that you are both incredibly stubborn. You'll either have to agree to disagree or find a way around it. Neither of you is very good at compromise. 

In the Bedroom 

Taurus is one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac and Scorpio one of the most sexual. The distinction between sensuality and sexuality 
may seem to be small, but it isn't. You, Taurus, find sensuality in anything that speaks to your senses—walking barefoot along a warm beach, eating exotic foods,listening to particular music, taking in an art exhibit and, of course, sex. 
For you, sex is a sensual feast For Scorpio, it's a venue for deeper communication, for delving into who you really are. In the bedroom, you two are evenly matched. Your biggest chal-lenge in this area will be to stay out of the bed-room long enough to live the other parts of your lives! Scorpio may not always be as romantic as you would like, Taurus, but this is easy to remedy. Instead of waiting for Scorpio to figure out how you enjoy being wined and dined, spell it out. Suggest dinner on a moonlit beach or a weekend getaway to a paradise you'll both enjoy. Be creative. Get wild. Scorpio wi II love it. 

What to Avoid 

If you list your own pet peeves, Taurus, chances are it's a close match to thi s bulleted list of what to avoid when you're dating a Scorpio. 
Don't argue over petty stuff. Don't make demands about commitment. Don't back Scorpio into a corner. Don't become dependent. 
Don't confront Scorpio about stuff that's none of your business. 
Don't violate personal privacy. 
Don't go through Scorpio's computer files, looking for passwords to Facebook and other social media sites. 
Don't jump to conclusions. 
'Don't breakup with Scorpio on Facebook! 
What to Embrace 
Well, this one is easy. Embrace: 
'SEX The mystical, inexplicable and unknown Scorpio's intuition The bottom line 


Nine-tenths of who you are, Taurus, lies be-neath the surface. The same is true for Scorpio. Both of you have an innate sense of privacy. Both of you can be secretive. Secrecy isn't detrimental to a dating relationship unless you're hiding something from each other that would impact the relationship in a negative way. If, for instance, you have agreed to a sexu-

ally exclusive relationship and one of you has been unfaithful, then it's best to talk about it openly. Otherwise, what's the point in continu-ing to date? 
You and Scorpio may find that you are stubborn about the same things. Politics, for instance. Maybe Scorpio is to the left of center and you're to the right. Or perhaps Scorpio follows an established religion or attends a particular church, and you don't believe in established religion. Neither of you will ever change each other's mind about either politics or religion, so if you can, agree not to discuss those areas. Focus on your strengths as a couple, on what works rather than on what doesn't work 
That's probably excellent counsel for all of us! 

Making Scorpio Happy 

No one is asld ng you to bend over bac Icward 
to accommodate another person's needs and desires. But if you have feelings for Scorpio and think the dating relationship may develop into something else, then there are certain things you can do that will leave Scorpio smiling. 
Join him in his favorite physical exercise, whatever it is. Dig into an area that intrigues him or that he's researching. When he does something beautiful for you—like bring you flowers or a gift—be appreciative. All too often, "thank you" is perfunctory for most of us, so when you say it to Scorpio, mean it. The same goes for those three words that you both long for: I love you. 

Advice for Scorpio 

Relax and enjoy all the beauty and goodwill that Taurus brings into your life. It really doesn't get much better than this, does it, 


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