ARIES Horoscope Base on Ruling Planet

 Aries is a fire sign. It corresponds with ram symbol, and like rams, people born with Sun in Aries like to butt heads, compete and conquer. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and so it represents beginnings. This placement indicates the beginning of a new cycle of development for the self-image.

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Aries keyword is “I Am”. It rules the head and its corresponding planet is Mars. Aries can be athletic, outgoing, thrill seeking types who are energetic and active. They like to prove themselves by accomplishing physical feats and participating in challenging activities. They dive into life and enjoy amusement parks, recreational pastimes, competing and adventure.

The Transit of Mars has a Big influence in the Horoscope of Aries in General , so here are the important transition of Planetary transit in Calendar format, Receive notification directly from your phone using Google calendar. 

View Your Horoscope in Calendar Format and receive notification directly from your Google Calendar to stay update in the latest upcoming transit that matter to your Future. 

  There are 2 type of Calendar, first is for General Trend that is applicable to All Sign , second is for Personalized Transit Horoscope using your own Birth data. For General trend, Download icalendar file and then import to Google Calendar. 

General trends affect any kind of mass behavior. For example, it is possible that certain kinds of business activities (perhaps stock market prices, or consumer purchasing, or gold prices) might correlate with the "Business Success" or possibly the "Good Luck, Optimism" scores.

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The Calendar can also be used to pick the date of a business to start, or for people to get married, or to begin almost any important project. Picking dates is known by astrologers as "electional astrology"


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