If #CANCER Married to a Scorpio

  The Beauty Within 

 You Cancer and Scorpio are innately private individuals, whose inner worlds are often more real and important to you than the external world.

As water signs, you both view life through the lens of your emotions and intuition, and your trust has to be earned. You obviously learned this about each other when you dated and reached the point where you trusted each other enough to get married! 

The respective rulers of your signs hold vital clues about how you can fine-tune your compatibility in this marriage. You, Cancer, a cardinal water sign, are ruled by the moon, which represents our capacity to nurture and be nurtured, intuition, emotions and the feminine. 

The moon represents yin energy. Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, symbolizes profound transformation and regeneration and the co-ruler, Mars, symbolizes physical and sexual energy, individuation, aggression and the warrior in each of us. It’s yang. As water signs, though, you and Scorpio are on the same page with most things. But, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details, so let’s take a look at the potential hot spots in this marriage and how they can be mitigated or avoided altogether.

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