Zodiac Manipulation 4th topic “tradition”: You and persons of your fourth sign

 This involves one of the following associations: 

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In this section, we deal with the influence and possible manipulation by a person of the fourth sign. We encounter the fourth sign at the level of traditions and values, which have been anchored in our subconscious as a result of our upbringing. We hold on to our traditions because they give us security, we no longer actively question them, while dissociating from them is a difficult process. Since we experienced them as children, they have long since become second nature to us and – in most cases – we actually seek to pass them on to our own children. We shall deal with the fourth sign not on an intellectual but an emotional level. 

We often recognize persons of the fourth sign by them being willing to offer us advice – advice which, in fact, not uncommonly turns out to be useful. Sometimes, though, this advice is of a manipulative character. The fourth sign will attempt to exert influence on you by, say, offering you all kinds of support and aid. No effort is spared in maintaining a harmonious and peaceful relationship with you. In the course of discussions with you, these persons attempt to provide you with a feeling of stability and conformity – which can have an effect on you similar to a calming drug. By this means, they appeal to your conscience, morals and traditions. When in contact with your fourth sign, you can constantly feel a whiff of smugness. 

The fourth sign is keen on talking to you about your past, thereby learning a lot about you. On the basis of intuitive inspiration, these persons are able to test the truthfulness of your information. At the mental level, contact with persons of your fourth sign enables you to think about how much value you attach to stability and security in your life. The question arises whether you can readily accept uncertainty or whether clarity is ultimately of great importance for you, whether it is easy for you to resign yourself to an uprooted life or whether familiarity and a precise overview suits you better. 

In spite of all the beneficial influences, there is a danger of your fourth sign exerting a restrictive effect on you, thereby restraining you from undergoing the change you need from time to time. By this means, a superfluous paternalism and an overbearing care are imposed on you, which could appreciably adversely affect your potential for development. In major problem situations, such as the death of a close relative or divorce, contact with a person of the fourth sign can provide us with security and act as a kind of moral compass, so that we do not lose our way. Persons of the fourth sign are ideally suited as a business partner, since we share the same discourse on values with them. 

The great danger in encountering a fourth sign is if it results in us no longer challenging the values handed down to us, thereby denying us inner development and external progress. Although traditions are certainly important, so too is change. The fourth sign manipulates us by appealing to our identity that we feel, to our desire for belonging and a home, and makes us fearful of becoming outcast and criticized. An integral component of a happy life consists of being able to question and reject the values of our parents while developing our own. In order to protect ourselves from manipulation by the fourth sign, it is important that we do not allow ourselves to be lulled by what seems familiar and therefore right to us but instead remain receptive to changes.


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