Zodiac Manipulation 5th topic “creative self-expression”: You and persons of your fifth sign

 Thereby it is a matter of one of the following connections: 


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We now come to the fifth sign – as seen from your zodiac sign. Persons of your fifth sign are characterized by the fact that you encounter them in a context of pleasure, celebrating, parties, hobbies and similar interests. They have an almost intoxicating effect on you. They stimulate your creativity, fire your imagination and inspire you to launch new projects. In the presence of the fifth sign, you get to know new people and have the feeling of absolutely brimming over with new ideas. Life is transformed into a party and pleasure plays an important role. We have an urgent desire to express ourselves and come into contact with others. We are eager to try out new things and embark on adventures. 

In the presence of persons of the fifth sign, we often feel alive and well in a new and unfamiliar way. It is easy to identify the positive aspects of this influence: we become inspired, gain new impressions and find ways of expressing ourselves. 

Persons of the fifth sign provide you with entertainment and fun, which may well assume manipulative features. The fifth sign keeps you in a good mood and you rarely experience boredom with it. These persons bring out the inner child in you in an amusing and playful manner. They often stage pepped-up appearances for you. You are presented with fun, joyful attitude and optimism before your very eyes. In time, contact with these persons gives you the knack of being able to express yourself effectively and precisely. You have the feeling as if a different, better you were emerging through contact with the fifth sign.  

Your fifth sign can inspire you to new ideas, and enthuse you to embark on new beginnings and projects. Nevertheless, you should take the ecstasy associated with this encounter with a grain of salt. Persons of the fifth sign often behave in fickle and insincere manner. They are willing to share the good times with us, but not the bad times. As soon as the party is over, they cast us off and move on, frequently leaving us with an emotional hangover. 

The problem with your fifth sign can also be that these persons often pretend and show off. They are rarely what they seem at first sight. In other words, they like to act out roles so as not to show themselves as they really are. Persons of the fifth sign manipulate us by making us literally addicted to their presence. They make us believe that we need them in order to feel alive and creative. This can lead to an emotional dependency and even to abuse. This is because – alongside the glittering world of art and parties – the fifth sign is also familiar with the aspects of unpredictability and emotional cruelty. Persons of the fifth sign need you as their counterpart to provide more credibility to their own illusory world. In this regard, your admiration is the nectar that sustains them. 

The encounter with your fifth sign can inspire and motivate you. If you are urgently searching for new impulses and a radical change in your life, then these are the persons for you. The great risk here is that you lose yourself in them and undergo a change of character without actually noticing. Do not allow yourself to be blinded by them but remain true to yourself – this is the most important piece of advice you can be given in this context.


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