Zodiac Manipulation 12th topic “secrets”: You and persons of your twelfth sign

This involves one of the following associations: 

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We have now reached the end of the constellations of the zodiac – at your twelfth sign. Every kind of relationship with your twelfth sign is characterised by difficulties and confusions. These are encounters that are elusive of understanding and are enveloped by an air of mystery and secrecy. These often problematic alliances involve your secret enemies or persons who have a great potential to become vicious and hostile in the course of time. Persons of your twelfth sign often gain your trust for the purpose of delving into your hidden secrets. And they are usually very successful in this. If it suits their purposes, they can reveal your secrets in public and so discredit you or simply harm you – for whatever reason they may have in doing so. This is the great manipulative risk involved with your twelfth sign. 

You should always be on your guard against these persons, particularly if you are associated with them in business relationships. Be aware that the persons normally know more about you than you would like them to. Relationships and friendships with your twelfth sign usually get off to a good start. However, there is a strong likelihood that in the course of time you will be cheated or betrayed. In the worst case, this may result in these persons bringing about your death. 

Another important manipulative characteristic of your twelfth sign is expressed in the fact that these persons invariably attempt to control you in a covert manner. Yes, you may not even notice, but the control and guidance emanates from your twelfth sign and it does everything at its own discretion. If no discord or disagreements should occur in a private relationship, the twelfth sign is able to exercise forebearance in relation to your weaknesses and suppress its secret hostility towards you. 

Persons of your twelfth sign possess the potential to charm you and cloud your mind. The manipulations emanating from this sign are actually the most difficult to detect, as they very often occur in secret. You lack insight into these persons, and they can exercise a sedative effect on you. It is possible for your perception to become distorted or even partly to dissolve when in the presence of these persons.

 Persons of the twelfth sign can appear mysterious and secretive to you. If you come into conflict with persons of your twelfth sign, then you are in trouble. Waging open war on these persons would – in any case – be fruitless. This is because everything such a person undertakes against you is not directly detectable, but only via traces and symptoms, which hint at malicious intrigues and intentions. The only way you can proceed against your secretly acting enemies is to uncover and reveal their deeds. Unmask your enemies, since this way they will lose their strengths and be dissolved in the glare of the sun’s rays like vampires in direct sunlight. 

The spiritual incentives unleashed by a prolonged contact with your twelfth sign are to be found in the realisation that there is a difference between sensible goals and deceptive illusions. If you chase illusions, it means that you intend to distance yourself from the real world. And allowing yourself to become intoxicated by your own dream worlds and visions bearing no relation to reality is often a path leading into the abyss. Such behaviour in fact results in self-destruction. The reasons for this are often to be found in escapism: this way, reality can be perceived as pain, resulting in the strong intensity of your feelings becoming unbearable.


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