Zodiac Manipulation 7th topic “partnership”: You and persons of your opposite sign


Thereby it is a matter of one of the following connections: 


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 It is necessary to pay particular attention to persons of our seventh sign, as this is the sign that lies directly opposite ours in the zodiac. Persons of your seventh sign are the direct opposite to you, because the seventh sign of the zodiac lies opposite to your sign. In this case, the manipulative capacity of both partners in this association is roughly the same. As these two signs beautifully complement each other in many personal attributes and character traits, they can learn a lot from each other. 

If you show a certain degree of understanding and flexibility for each other, such a relationship can be extremely exciting and interesting. However, if this requirement is not met, then the relationship may result in tension or even hostility. In fact, a mutually stimulating rivalry can have a psychologically and emotionally adverse effect on you, and would ultimately lead you into a manipulative trap. The manipulative arsenal of your seventh sign is manifold indeed. In this manner, these persons make great use of charm, compliments and diplomacy on you to achieve their aims. 

Your colleagues of the seventh sign will clearly and effectively convey to you how to construct your thoughts, intentions and plans so that they gain significant influence on others. The chances are high that you will repeatedly have to resolve various conflicts and disputes with these persons, because circumstances often result in precisely these persons becoming your direct adversaries in the course of your life. With these persons, it is often a question of partners or enemies. This means that you deal with the personalities of the seventh sign regularly and intensively. And your attention in this regard is well warranted: firstly, you have to investigate and work out the personality of your counterpart (seventh sign) in order to cope with their envy and aggression. Secondly, it often happens that you rely on their help and capabilities. The reason for such direct manipulation between these two diametrically opposed signs is to be found in the fact that each of the 6 axes in the zodiac involves contradictory extremes and polarities. For example, the wild and conflict-seeking Aries pairs up with the cultivated and harmonious Libra, or the family-oriented and sensitive Cancer with the career-focused and cold Capricorn. These examples clearly demonstrate that the manipulative potential of the seventh sign is not insignificant - due to its contrary nature. 

The seventh sign teaches us a lesson on the subjects of "appeal", "desire" and "attractiveness". It is difficult for us to ignore persons of the seventh sign: as rivals we either hate or envy them, as friends or partners we feel a strong attraction to them. Sexual desire and a certain eroticism often play a role in the relationship to these persons. Irrespective of the direction, in which such an encounter takes you, it invariably represents a challenge for you and your self-image. 

You will begin to ask yourself "Am I good enough?" or "Am I desirable?" since the seventh sign casts doubt upon this. This may lead to self-doubt and even the feeling of powerlessness. Rejection and variety can constantly alternate with each other when in contact with persons of the seventh sign, thereby throwing you into confusion. Often, however, these are only transitional phases in an important process, into which persons of the seventh sign can bring you. Such a challenge in your everyday life can stimulate you to new ambitions and provide you with important impulses on how you can better find your way in the world and obtain what you desire – whether it be in material, professional, partner or spiritual terms. 

The seventh sign symbolizes the universal power of attraction, which is constantly active and makes our wishes come true – in the true sense of the word. From persons of the seventh sign you learn to attract the things you desire and how to act as a magnet for positive events. You begin to test and improve your own market value, which will transform your life situation for the better in many areas. Indeed, you can also develop for the better in your private life. Self-love and self-acceptance are the most important prerequisites to enter into a fulfilling partnership. The seventh sign teaches you to accept yourself as well as consider yourself with affection. 

This positive attitude to yourself will, in turn, have a particularly attractive effect on others. Nevertheless, the encounter with the seventh sign is also fraught with dangers. For example, the process from self-doubt to self-love may fail, leaving you with your self-awareness damaged. It may be particularly stressful if the encounter with the seventh sign turns into a competitive or even hostile situation. 

The seventh sign is able to manipulate you by addressing one of the most intensive needs a person knows: the wish to be loved and accepted for his own sake. Persons in this relationship with you will play on this wish and make you do their bidding. A typical sentence would be: "I like you as you are but..." followed by a never-ending stream of allegedly well-intentioned advice. If, on the other hand, a positive relationship is possible with a person of the seventh sign, it will be characterized by deep mutual love and trust. This depends on how much both partners are willing to invest in the relationship.


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