Zodiac Manipulation 9th topic “meaningfulness”: You and persons of your ninth sign

Thereby it is a matter of one of the following connections: 


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We continue our path through the constellations of the zodiac. Following the bleak challenges involved in encountering persons of the eighth sign, we now meet persons of the ninth sign, with whom we develop relationships full of ease and harmony. 

In contact with your ninth sign, you do not generally have any major manipulative experiences – quite the contrary, in fact, as you usually get on well with these persons: the intensive discussions you have absolutely inspire you. You grapple with the philosophical issues of faith, religion and the meaning of life and adjust your life accordingly. In this manner, you can train your abstract thinking in contexts while experiencing further positive influences on your awareness. Concentrating on these areas of life is crucial for a happy and full life in the holistic sense. The ninth sign provides the nutrition to your spirit and soul that you crave and which is all too readily neglected in daily life. We now primarily enter into spiritual contact with our environment; in the relationship with the ninth sign, material values play little to no role at all. 

Manipulative influences of the ninth sign are revealed by these persons attempting to missionise you and make use of sermons to impose their philosophies and views upon you. In these partnerships, you can sometimes be seduced into all kinds of trips or even into moving home. Extremely beneficial to you is the tendency of your ninth sign to expand your horizon, teach you new knowledge and stimulate your spiritual growth. Such a person can be very advantageous to you in business dealings by advising and teaching you. Such a union is generally quite harmonious for all kinds of associations, whether they be business relations, in marriage, in friendship, etc. 

First and foremost, your ninth sign helps you in the search for meaning in life. Whether these entire philosophies and enhancement of knowledge, with which these people provide you, will guide you in a direction desired is something you should regularly think about with a critical mind. For these contacts also contain negative aspects – namely that you might adopt false ideologies and a distorted perception and be taken in by charlatans. Your character is subjected to a severe test, since contact with new philosophies and knowledge invariably harbours a risk of becoming arrogant or fanatical. Your ninth sign tends to communicate with you in abstract concepts that may confuse you. This is in contrast to your third sign, who generally speaks to you in clear and concrete terms. Sometimes, expansive tendencies emanate from your ninth sign that consist of these persons attempting to acquire more power and influence over you.  

Contacts with these persons will help you to gain a wide range of thoughts concerning the events and experiences you encounter. What you should embrace in this regard is the ability to both analyse your accumulated experiences and draw conclusions as to their usefulness. Contact with persons of your ninth sign is a great enrichment if it involves spiritual realignment and further development. If you should find yourself at such a point in your life, then this encounter holds a lot of good things in store for you. Take care, however, not to lose your equilibrium while also dedicating sufficient attention to the other aspects of your life.


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