SCORPIO Vs the Zodiac : The Manipulative power

How the Scorpio manipulates 

Scorpions are very passionate people who embody the principle "all or nothing". They cannot bear ambiguity, nuance or hypocrisies. They fight, if need be, to the death so that the truth comes to light and others take a stand. It is no surprise then that they preside over the eighth house of the zodiac. Encounters with them are a particular challenge for each zodiac sign, because Scorpios put their cherished principles and practices to the test. 

Scorpio and Scorpio 

As always with the first sign, there is a deep mutual understanding here and an ideological agreement. Unfortunately, this is not always enough to establish a harmonious relationship between two Scorpios. Because both require absolute sincerity and are hardly diplomatic, it can cause serious conflicts. One Scorpio manipulates the other by either breaking through his reserve by consciously betraying him - the worst offense for the Scorpio, for whom there is either all or nothing, friend or foe - or irritating his combativeness so that the Scorpio gets lost in senseless and nerve-wracking conflicts. 

Scorpio and Libra 

For the Libra, the Scorpio is the second sign. They meet on the material level of self-esteem, ownership and the need for security. This is about roots in the tangible world. Material possessions are not very important for the Libra. Spiritual and aesthetic values​​are more important to the Libra. Yet Libras have an often well-hidden, great need for security when it comes to their physical environment. If Scorpios wants to manipulate the Libra, this is exactly where they start. The Scorpio lay out scenarios that threaten the Libra’s sense of the security, talks about money problems with the Libra that do not exist and builds on the Libra's inability to tackle problems in a specific manner.


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