GEMINI MAN - The Sign of Sexual Stimulation

Gemini Man
the good fellow

Gemini man is an operator. He can't sit still, constantly striving to set the wheels of his myriad plans and projects in motion. He is the zodiac's premier urbane figure, the proverbial man on the pavement with his ear perpetually to the ground and his finger on the pulse of cultural trends, es-pecially those rooted in localized experience. The quintessential insider, Gemini infiltrates whatever milieu, private or professional that strikes his fancy

—forming close alliances, ring leading, and invari-ably living by his own set of rules. He has the soul of a street poet, if not a rabble-rouser, with a knack for voicing the needs of the common man. Indeed, he may be something of a rogue, in conflict with, and even fighting against, 'establishment' views. He gravitates toward media-driven vocations, those steeped in the commercial exchange of ideas, which brings him into contact with an ever-revolving cast of characters. In rare moments of downtime, he still craves stimulation, reveling in dose ties with fam-ily and friends, as well as being drawn to private clubs, lodges, and cliquey associations. 

 Party going is a particularly Geminian penchant. Something of a playboy, he nonetheless seeks to settle down with a real hometown type of girl—his perfect coun-terpart—with whom he hopes to share a lifestyle, in any number of variations, along an American-dream-like theme. In same-sex relationship; he's irascibly fun-loving, forever negotiating a need to explore the 'scene" aspect of gay life against the building of an unbreakable, near brotherly bond.


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