Aries & Scorpio as Friends/Colleagues Compatibility

While its true that we don't become friends with all our colleagues, you two may be drawn together through a love of competitive sports, a passion for a particular type of creative work or because you both prize your individual free-dom. Or all of the above. 

Your personality differences find a curious balance in this relationship that is lacking in other types of Aries/Scorpio affiliations. Your impatience, for instance, may prompt patient Scorpio to pick up his pace because he admires the speed at which you move and work. His patience may urge you to slow down, to mull things over a bit before you leap to a decision. This give-and-take becomes a powerful under-current in the relationship and you both learn from it. Scorpio learns to compromise and you learn that changing your behavior doesn't threaten who you are. 

You recognize that you and Scorpio share a core trait: fearlessness. 


Most of us probably have taboos—areas of our lives we don't talk about with others, topics we avoid or traits in others that drive us crazy. Early on in this relationship, you both learned these parameters. 

Aries has fewer taboos than Scorpio, but to avoid schisms in this relationship, there are a couple of areas to be avoided. 

Aries Taboos That Scorpio Should Avoid 

Scorpio, don't question the way Aries spends money. Just because you stash away 15 percent of what you earn doesn't mean that he should, too. 

Don't offer your opinion on her love life. Who she dates or marries is really none of your business. Even if you dislike her partner, it's best if you keep your opinion to yourself. 

Don't criticize the quality of her work. 

Scorpio Taboos That Aries Should Avoid 

Don't encroach on Scorpio's privacy. That means that if you ask him how his marriage is these days, he either won't answer or will provide a one-word response. 

Don't stretch the truth or lie. He'll see through it and that will be the end of the friendship. 

Keep your word. 

Think twice before you criticize something Scorpio has created. You're often blunt and impulsive when stating your opinion and that can be hurtful. 

What to Expect 
All of us enter into relationships with expec-tations of one kind or another. Some of the expectations pan out, others don't. Here are some things each of you can expect from this friendship. 

From Aries 

Adventures. This is my life and live it the way f want. That's the Aries battle cry. It means that no two adventures will be the same, and they'll happen on the spur of the moment. You, Scorpio, might get a call from Aries at sunrise telling you he's headed out for a five-mile bike ride and ask if you are up for it? Or he might want to know if 
you'd like to join him for breakfast at this great vegan restaurant he just ran across. He won't ever be offended if you say no thanks. 

  •  The blunt truth. If you ask him for his opinion, he gives it. You may not always like what he says, but it will be his unvarnished truth. 
  • Fun, action, movement, restlessness and a constant drive to move forward 
  • As a colleague, you're an innovator. 

From Scorpio 

  • Loyalty. Once you've earned Scorpio's trust, there is no friend more loyal. 
  • Piercing insight into who you are and what makes you tick 
  • Charisma and magnetism that attracts the attention of other people. It can be daunt-ing to your ego, Aries, but if you value the friendship, you learn to live with it. 
A hard-working colleague 

Unlocking the Secret to Scorpio 
Engage Scorpio in your personal and professional adventures. That five-mile bike ride, that project with a tight deadline, that book you enjoyed or that movie that cracked you up: any of these activities enable you to see a different facet of Scorpio. 


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