Cancer & Scorpio as Friends/Colleagues Compatibility

BFF: that's the potential in this relationship. You and Scorpio enjoy an intuitive connection that can be downright eerie at times. If one of you is feeling down or is in trouble, the other may pick up on it. You may complete each other's sentences. Your connection can be similar to what identical twins often experience, an inner knowing about each other. Whether you're friends or colleagues or both, this inner knowing serves you both well. 

Since you're both water signs, you experience the world through your emotions and intuition and this is true regardless of your gender. The one possible glitch in this friendship is that Scorpio's personality is so strong you may feel the need to disengage sometimes, to move off into your private space, particularly if you're roommates. You so readily feel what other people feel that your tendency to nurture and comfort may make Scorpio feel smothered. Otherwise, this combination in a friendship is nearly ideal. 


In this relationship, the taboos are probably understood without ever discussing them. But just in case you need to be reminded, here are the broad strokes for both of you. 

Cancer Taboos That Scorpio Should Avoid 

  • r When Cancer is in one of his moods, don't press him to explain what he feels, why he's withdrawing or what he's thinking. Most likely he just wants to be left alone. 
  • r Confrontations. Cancer dislikes confrontations and will do practically anything to avoid one. If you have something to say that's confrontational, email or text him about it. 
  • r Rejection. Cancer is very nurturing, and when her nurturing is rejected, she takes it personally. Find a kind way to say thanks, but no thanks. 
  • r Someone trying to control her. As a col-league or friend, this shouldn't be an issue. But if it is, you're advised to find someone else to control! 
  • r Dishonesty 

Scorpio Taboos That Cancer Should Avoid 

Don 't smother him! Scorpio enjoys being nurtured—who doesn't? But too much of it leaves him feeling suffocated. 
Dishonesty. While it's unlikely that either of you will deliberately lie, the truth is sometimes stretched so feelings aren't hurt. 
Not following through 

What to Expect 

You and Scorpio value loyalty in your friend-ships. But for both of you, trust must be earned. Once it is, then the friendship usually unfolds smoothly. Even in the best of friend-ships, though, our expectations are sometimes unrealistic, so be aware of that possibility in yourself. 

From Cancer 

  • Nurturing 
  • r Faith that things will work out r Emotional highs and lows r Cancer forgives, but he rarely forgets. r Hard worker who follows the voice of his 
  • intuition r Loyalty Intuitive insight into you and the friend-ship Life is her creative fodder. 

From Scorpio 

The list of what you can expect from Cancer looks almost identical to what Cancer can ex-pect from you in this relationship. 
  • Scorpio forgives, but she rarely forgets. 
  • Creates from a need to understand himself 
  • Penetrating insight into you and the relationship 
  • Loyalty 
  • Blunt honesty 

Unlocking the Secret to Scorpio 

The best way to do this is to allow your intuition to guide you through Scorpio's layers of complexity. Be aware that she is using her intuition in figuring out who you are as well. 


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