#Gemini & #Scorpio as Friends/Colleagues Compatibility



You're fascinated by the way Scorpio probes and digs for answers and information. Scorpio is intrigued by your curiosity and by that single burning question that drives you: why? You're a connector and a communicator, and you collect information the way other people collect books or antiques.
Scorpio may be puzzled by your diversity, your ability to talk to anyone anywhere about virtually anything. You are equally puzzled by her piercing in-sights into human nature. 
Unless one of you has a moon or rising in the other's sun sign, this relationship may not have the profound depth of some of the other combinations. But the versatility, intellectual excitement and the exchange of ideas keep it interesting and vibrant as both friends and colleagues. Neither of you are ever quite sure what treasures the relationship might yield in a given moment, and that's no small thing. 

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All of us—you, too, Gemini—have private spaces within ourselves that we don't share even with our closest friends. We have behav-iors and attitudes that drive other people nuts and beliefs that may sound wacko to someone else. But the taboos were talking about here concern who we are in relation to the other person. 

Gemini Taboos That Scorpio Should Avoid 

Scorpio, you would be wise to never make fun of Gemini or make her the butt of a joke, particularly if you're with a group of people. That's probably at the top of her list of taboos and grounds for ending the relationship. 
Don 't belittle her strengths—as a commu-nicator and networker. 
Because her approach to life is generally more lighthearted than yours, you may 
sometimes think she's like a little kid whose decisions have to be scrutinized, whose math has to be checked. But be careful; few things will rile her up more quickly than this. 
Don 't criticize her unjustly. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Scorpio Taboos That Gemini Should Avoid 

Because you, Gemini, are a communicator and Scorpio is more reticent, there are cer-tain taboos that are established early in this relationship. 
Talking constantly. Gemini, sometimes you talk just to fill the silence, and while Scorpio understands this, he can only take so much of it. Sometimes, he just wants to shout, Be quiet! Let me think! 
Confiding too much, too quickly, 24/7 

What to Expect 

You're a mutable air sign and Scorpio is a fixed water sign, and one thing that means is that you won't always agree on everything. It's part of what keeps the relationship interesting and diverse. As colleagues, these disagreements help to keep ideas fresh. What else can you ex-pect from each other in this relationship? 

From Gemini 

  •  Meeting a variety of new people. Since Gemini is a consummate networker, you'll be drawn into her circle of acquaintances and friends. An expansion of contacts is beneficial in your relationship as colleagues and keeps the friendship fresh and exciting. 
  • .Intellectual stimulation 
  •  Creative ideas and solutions, a must if you and Gemini are colleagues on a creative project 
  • A friend who listens and discusses 

Fun ! 

Acceptance of who you are as both friend and colleague 
From Scorpio In -depth knowledge about the human psyche Loyalty and patience Intuitive insight into who you are Great passion about whatever interests her Considerate friend and colleague 

Unlocking the Secret to Scorpio 
The best way for you to do this is by doing what you do best—communicating. En-gage Scorpio in conversations about ideas, creativity, the nature of reality, the afterlife 
or your feelings, ideas and thoughts. Draw him out. 


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